A Summer Fragrance

A Classic
A Classic

I am clinging somewhat hopelessly to the notion that at any given moment the sun will burst forth from its current hidey-hole and British Summer time will limp forth in all its fleeting glory… I continue to hope. In the meantime, I have made myself very useful by sourcing a new fragrance for the sure to be impending summer months, that is of course a blatant lie as both you and I know we had our day in the sun and it was that Wednesday when the sun was out for two consecutive hours. Anyway, one of my long time “faves” is Guerlain’s Vetiver. Of course, Vetiver is in fact an aftershave but it has for some time been generally perceived to be unisex scent. With top notes of lemon; middle notes of tobacco and Vetiver; base notes consists of nutmeg and pepper, Vetiver has always been something of a timeless companion to me. I like to wear it in balmy climes – it is great as a eau de cologne after a cold shower or worn with little else on a hot night. If you like me are watching the pennies, perhaps persuade the one you love to invest in a bottle which you might then share from time to time…you know it makes sense. Bisous

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Love this scent! Started wearing years ago when I would share my dad’s. Now I “share” my man’s… Great blog

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