Sheer Cover?

So the other morning whilst I was watching TV and deciding whether or not to have a productive day planning my agenda for the day, I stumbled across one of those home shopping channels. You know the kind, they generally only hire presenters with some form of verbal diarrhea. Anyway, I was listening to the blurb about “Sheer Cover” mineral make up and found myself unwittingly falling into some form of bull-tripe induced trance. The trick I find is not to remain on these channels for anything longer than two seconds. Perhaps this is where I went wrong…

sheer cover, mineral make up

It is alleged that Sheer Cover Duo Concealer is a concentrated creamy, light 1oo% mineral based concealer, and will provide a flawless finish. Flawless…I believe that was the term “what done it” and finally reeled me in. Having road-tested for a few days now, I have to ask whether one should be able to see where concealer has been applied. Perhaps I am just a little too heavy handed, it’s no secret that my make-up skills are lacking shall we say… All in all, I was not overly impressed with the finish. I had expected a more ‘seamless’ coverage but the end result is more “can you see where I’ve hidden today’s blemishes”…which is never a good look je pense que. x


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ce poste drôle! j’aime le maquillage et parfois regarder ces publicités pour le divertissement …

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