The Palm Cuff…Discuss

IMG 2052  43564 zoom e1397052434544 The Palm Cuff...Discuss

Image Courtesy Daisy

As you know I love a good piece of wrist adornment be it bangle or bracelet but lately I have become aware of something new gilding the hand-to-wrist area. Yes mes amis, I am of course referring to the “hand bracelet” or “Palm Cuff” depending upon which hipster you ask. I have to say, I cannot help but feel I would find this new creation to be something of an irritation, whilst being unable to shake the feeling that an unfortunate bracelet had somehow slipped from my wrist and was making it’s way down my hand in a bid for freedom. What do you think? Is this a piece you will be investing in?

Mostly Lovin’: Homemade Pizza

IMG 20140405 00479 e1396757400639 Mostly Lovin: Homemade Pizza

So good yet oh so easy to make, mix 500g bread flour (plus more for kneading) 1 tbsp of salt, 1 7 gram sachet of dried yeast, 1 tbsp of sugar, 2 tbsp rapeseed oil and 330ml tepid water. Cover with a damp tea towel and leave to prove for and hour or so in a warm place (preferably a bread maker!) or near a radiator. Once the dough has risen cut into four, roll and slather with your favorite toppings. Cook for 10 to 12 minutes and enjoy…

IMG 20140405 00481 e1396757489150 Mostly Lovin: Homemade Pizza

Mostly Lovin’: Kérastase Initialiste

IMG 20140331 00476 Mostly Lovin: Kérastase  Initialiste

Soothingly Restorative

I am so in love with Kérastase Initialiste! As their first “advanced concentrate” hopes were high and it does not disappoint. The aroma is refreshing and oh-so moreish whilst the texture is light and readily absorbed into scalp and hair alike. I’ve been dousing myself with the stuff for the last month and I can report a definite “compliance” with my hair. Jusqu’ici ça va. x

Maca Root: The Source of Hormonal Balance

IMG 20140328 00473 e1396005775557 Maca Root: The Source of Hormonal Balance


So as you can see I am continuing to invest in my health and believe me it had better be an investment when you consider the weighty cost of these supplements! I have heard many a good thing about Maca Root Powder not least that it contains high levels of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential amino acids. Maca root is rich in B-vitamins, which are the energy vitamins, and maca is a vegetarian source of B-12. To boot, maca has high levels of magnesium and is great for helping to re-balance hormones so if you turn into a swamp-beast once a month this is the supplement for you. Sprinkled over porridge daily, what could be simpler. Comme d’habitude I will check back in a few weeks to let you know how I am getting on. I have also read a lot about Coconut Palm Sugar or Nectar. It’s low GI and has a wonderful (but most importantly) all natural butterscotch flavour which is perfect in baked goods and coffee. I don’t really use refined sugar so this will be a great alternative to the of-so-toxic artificial sweetener. x

Spring Feet

IMG 20140308 00432 e1394378914385 Spring Feet

Christening My Le Creuset

IMG 20140311 00437 e1394552158936 Christening My Le Creuset

Breakfast this morning; lovely yet super healthy Quinoa Flour and Banana pancakes. Real quick and easy, mix two bananas with two eggs and a table spoon of quinoa flour and fry. Consume a la mode or smother in low sugar syrup. No oil required should you happen to own a Le Creuset… a-hem. I have long dreamt of owning a fully-functional kitchen and my new baby pan represents the first of many steps. I handle my love pan with the kind of gentle reverence one should probably only reserve for very small children and dogs. C’est très triste, je sais X

My Diet Overhall: One Month Trial

IMG 20140303 00421 e1393848141452 My Diet Overhall: One Month Trial

Seeds Anyone?

I have something of a confession to make… I have been increasingly interested in adopting a macrobiotic diet. Hell yes, I know c’est ridicule n’est-il pas? It’s exactly the ridiculousness of it all which makes me want to take on this challenge. In my early twenties I was a happy resigned vegan for many a year so how much of a leap could this be? (A big one you say…hmm let me think).
In my attempts to get fit last year, I realised that eating well consists largely of thinking and planning ahead thus avoiding any (or potato based) temptation. This requires not only a well proportioned refrigerator but a sizable bank balance to match but my friends…it can be done.
I have a friend who has tasked herself with solely eating a raw food diet. As a direct result, she has the type of complexion normally bestowed upon a small child’s bottom, that is to say, flawless and decidedly peachy. The downside of such a clean diet is that a large portion of her day is taken up with thinking about, planning and assembling her next meal as very few restaurants in London cater to the “raw food brigade”. Many a lunch has been spent watching the rest of us chow down whilst she sips serenely on a green tea (so noble!). I feel the macrobiotic diet offers a happy medium as one can indulge in pulses, whole grains, cereals, and cooked vegetables. This I can do but more importantly I don’t think I would feel particularly under-nourished. Alors, I have elected to follow a macrobiotic diet during the week whilst allowing myself treats at the weekend. Frankly, life is far too short for a diet consisting largely of abstinence…

Mostly Lovin’: Over-Sized Cashmere

394476 ou xl e1393608794892 Mostly Lovin: Over Sized Cashmere

I cannot escape the niggling feeling that I would really like to add an over-sized cashmere sweater to my repertoire. Every girl should have a comfortable yet luxurious sweater in their wardrobe. I recently purchased a navy “cashmere” v-neck only to discover it was a rather merge twenty percent cashmere…needless to say Je n’étais pas une fille heureuse! Check your labels peoples. x

Coconut Oil & All That Good Stuff

IMG 20140213 00399 e1392288172723 Coconut Oil & All That Good Stuff

Aren’t I Good?

Firstly I must apologise for the radio silence of late. I am working on a few projects which demand much of my time (more on that to come soon). Recently, it occurred to me how so often within western culture taking care of one’s self entails self-denial, no to this, no to that. We know that life is trop court and frankly I refuse to penalise my body in such a way. Instead I have elected to bombard my body with the good things in life. I have always been lucky in the fact that I seem to get a perverse pleasure in cramming mon petit visage with all manner of vegetables so nowadays when I am peckish I snack on Soya (or Edamame should you find yourself in North London) Beans. Doused with a little soy sauce they are truly moreish.
As a “living food”, sprouting beans (the stem cells of the plant world) are a new favourite of mine. Smugly sprinkled over salads and wraps they are a great way to increase your five a day.
When I was growing up my mother would often baste me in coconut oil. Hair, skin, you name it so using coconut oil today feels like going home. The only difference is the exurbanite price of the stuff these days, but I guess that’s just what happens once the health/diet industries awaken to the benefits of something…quel dommage. x

Mostly Lovin’: I’m Birkenstock-Back Baby!

IMG 20140204 00334 e1391519230263 Mostly Lovin: Im Birkenstock Back Baby!


As you may remember, a few months back I had to bid farewell to my beloved and dare I say decrepit Birkenstocks (may they rest). Well mes amis, I am once again the proud owner of a pair of brand spanking new “Birks”. Happy days! x