Sunday Treats: Petit Salé

Petit Plate pour Moi

Boned half belly of pork or belly slices if need be
bouquet garni of fresh parsley bay thyme
some small onions
Puy lentils

Salt the pork for at least four hours, or overnight. You need to cover meat liberally and set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to cook.

Wash the salt off. Pat the meat dry. Place it skin side down in a heavy pan and cover with cold water, add the bouquet garni, and simmer for 50 minutes.

Turn the meat. I like to saute my onions, carrot, celery, bay leaves and herbs and a little good pancetta whilst the pork is simmering. Yes, I know this is a departure from the purist methodology but each to their own. Once the pork has begun to soften I then incorporate the pork and it’s cooking liqueur to the pan of sauteed veg along with the puy lentils to finish off cooking. Traditionally you should also throw in some smoked sausage here but I am not particularly a fan. Serve with some good bread and and even better wine. x

Mostly Lovin': Lara Melchior Jewellery

Image Courtesy

Image Courtesy

LARA MELCHIOR2241-filtered

Every now and then jewellery designer comes along that really peeks my interest. As you know, I developed a love of jewellery rather late in the day but the type of adornment that peeks my interest tends to have that “I made this myself” feel. Lara Melchior is just such a designer. Original, instantly covet-able with a lovingly hand-made feel, Melchior’s designs are simply one of a kind. Melchior has been super-altruistic and designed an affordable line for super-fashion-forward Scandinavian brand Look into it mes amis! Bisous.



Preparing for a “Clean Eating” Week


Mostly Lovin': Modern Muse

A Little Taster...

A Little Taster…

Mostly Lovin': Afternoon at Leith Hill

One Big Step at a Time!

One Big Step at a Time!

A View of the County & Beyond

A View of the County & Beyond

This weekend I spent the afternoon tracking up to Leith Hill Tower a wonderful 17th Century attraction beloved of the Victorians who by all accounts loved a good picnic. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you want to get your heart pumping as unlike many attractions there is a steep 400 meter hike up to the top of the hill but once there you can reward yourself with a steaming pot of tea and some homemade cake. Now what could be better than that on a misty Saturday afternoon?

Leith Hill Tower

Leith Hill Tower

“The Last Smoke” by Garance Doré

"The Last Smoke"

“The Last Smoke”

I am so in love with my new print by illustrator and fellow blogger extrodinare Garance Doré. I ordered this print from the studio in New York last year but it has taken until now to actually unwrap it. We still have a multitude of renovations to complete before I can display the piece properly but it doesn’t hurt dream in the meantime… x

Mostly Lovin': The 7/8 Pant,Acne Studios

The Perfect Pant

Have I ever told you about my obsession with the 7/8’s pant? No, OK allow me to continue if you will. The 7/8 pant rests comfortably on the knuckle of the ankle and is tapered to give an elegant yet perfectly wearable fit. Think Audrey Hepburn in “Funny Face”. I have a pair in crisp black, day-time blue, business like grey but now I am looking to add some more colour into the mix for some day-to-night glamour. Paired with sneakers or heals, a loose tank top or silk blouse, you simply cannot go wrong. Look into it mes amis. Bisous.

Paul & Joe

Image Courtesy MGM

Audrey Hepburn – Image Courtesy MGM

Summer Sense, bronze goddess perfume

There is something so wonderfully evocative about perfume and familiar aromas. For a long time now I have associated memorable days with particular scents. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Classic” women’s fragrance will always bring to mind my first kiss. Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder puts me in mind of late summer evenings or days spent lazing on the beach in the Caribbean. Laced with vetiver, mandarin and a hint of coconut to remind you it is a summer fragrance, a quick spritz of this and I could be lying on a hammock somewhere north of Brazil. What’s your go-to summer fragrance? x

Mostly Lovin': Emmanuelle Alt

The "Alt Gang"

The “Alt Gang”

I’m pretty sure I may have stated this before however, I really want to infiltrate Emmanuelle Alt‘s gang. Alt displays such a low key yet functional personal style. She is neither showy or too fashion consicous and this really appeals to me. I dare say, it is just one of the many reasons she collects sartiorial admirers the globe over. This woman simply gets it. Comment ne pas aimer à ce sujet? Bisous.

Image courtesy of Tommy Ton.

Discovered: The Grubbag Cook book


This cook book was given to me by a dear old friend. Held together by string and tacks, The Grub bag by Ita Jones is a political, feminist manifesto all wrapped up in the guise of an “underground cookbook”. Developed from its original incarnation as a column in the Liberation News Service, Jones interweaves practical tips intermixed with silent revolution and the desire to “break the chains that oppress”. Set aside some of the more barmy ideals i.e. “eating an apple is cannibalistic”,
There are some great timeless recipes to be found such as “Blackgap Stew” – a hearty beef, beans and pork one-pot wonder. The “winter salad” section is also a great addition to any weekly menu repertoire. One of my favourite recipes would have to be the “Javanese Omelette” a type of slow cook Spanish style omelette. I’d be interested to know of any other books by Jones. Do get in touch if you can recommend one. Happy New Year! x