Lavera Organic Wild Rose Deodorant

IMG 20140916 00725 Lavera Organic Wild Rose Deodorant

Natural Wild Rose Deodorant

I have long been of the opinion that the deodorant one chooses to use (or not, phew!) acts as additional layer of fragrance. Until recently I have been using Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist but you know me… very occasionally I like to switch things up! I would love to switch permantley to an organic deodorant so for the last week or so I have been trying out Lavera’s Organic Wild Rose Deodorant spray. It is important to allow at least two weeks for your body to adjust when switching to an organic deodorant so I will comment on performance in a few weeks. If it performs anything as good as it smells then the level of protection should be super! x

Mostly Lovin': My Autumn 2014 List

Lanvin Sugar Quilted Shoulder Bag e1410338012170 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Lanvin Sugar Quilted Shoulder Bag

Oh boy, look at the buttery softness of that leather, what a thing of beauty!

472395 fr xl e1410338228988 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Saint Laurent Glitter-finished pumps

I mean seriously…what’s not to love about these shoes? A wearable heel combined with glitter and the oh so lady-like ankle straps. Can’t you just picture yourself skipping down the lane?

472113 fr xl e1410338830529 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Pilotto Textured-Wool-Blend-Poloneck

I love a good autumn sweater and this one has just enough going on to distract from any lumps and bumps one may wish to disguise shall we say…

465679 fr xl e1410339381739 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Burberry Blanket Coat

There’s some about a “blanket coat” that really appeals to me. Could it be the close relation to my duvet…perhaps…

Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140815 00671 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

Country Retreat

This weekend I had what can only be described as the most relaxing, low key yet rejuvenating weekend in Oxfordshire. En route to a little known former country pile nestled just outside Oxford, we headed off for two days of R&R with only the stunning surrounding countryside, a spa and mini-gym (which we religiously peered into each morning and then carried on about the business of relaxation…piff!) for company.
Much of my time was spent eating, planning what I intended to eat later, or thinking about what I should wear…well to eat dinner that evening. As much as I would love to tell you where we stayed I have been sworn to secrecy as apparently it is something of a local well-known secret. Suffice to say, you wouldn’t have to look to hard should you find yourself in Abingdon one day but I’ve already said too much! x

IMG 20140815 00674 e1408291430265 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140815 00676 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140816 00679 e1408291497328 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140816 00681 e1408291560181 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

View from my Room

IMG 20140815 00677 e1408291935284 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

View from the Bar

Mostly Lovin': A View!

DSC 0129 2 e1407836387796 Mostly Lovin: A View!

DSC 0119 e1407836827997 Mostly Lovin: A View!

Caribbean Sunset…Ahh

Mostly Lovin': Zara Linen T-Shirt

0839035803 1 1 1 e1407267060157 Mostly Lovin: Zara Linen T Shirt

Image Courtesy

IMG 20140805 00665 Mostly Lovin: Zara Linen T Shirt

New in a grey marl linen Tee from Zara. As you know, I love a well cut t-shirt and this one sits quite well and is great for the recent hazy summer days. I do believe my mother has her eye on my new acquisition so clearly these beauties are great for ladies of all ages. Fantastique hein?!

Mostly Lovin': Rachel Khoo’s Cauliflower Butter Bean Burger

IMG 20140621 00630 e1406633078521 Mostly Lovin: Rachel Khoos Cauliflower Butter Bean Burger

Don’t Skimp on the Cheese!

Now you know I adore my vegetables particularly when partnered with cheese! I have “borrowed” this lovely Cauliflower and Butter Bean burger recipe from the delightful Chef Rachel Khoo. What I love about Rachel’s cooking is that she factors in a lot of interesting flavourful vegetarian dishes even though she herself is not a vegetarian. The method couldn’t be simpler – mash a tin of butter beans and add to some steamed cauliflower, half a teaspoon of French mustard, grated Swiss Gruyère or Old Amsterdam Cheese (I will leave the amount of cheese to your discretion). Mould into patties and fry in rapeseed oil until golden. One thing to note – make sure you have the ratio of cauliflower to beans right to ensure your burger is firm rather than a watery mass… jouir! x

Day at Devils Dyke

IMG 20140610 00615 e1405690667337 Day at Devils Dyke

Devils Dyke Valley

Mostly Lovin': Net-a-Porter: Well Trained

470928 ou xl e1405103265607 Mostly Lovin: Net a Porter: Well Trained


I for one am loving the new specialist workout range available from As you know, I’m a sucker for well designed sports wear that will allow me to slouch whilst simultaneously looking as though I were about to break into a half marathon at any given moment. Gold star! x

Mostly Lovin': Nuxe Prodigieuse Set

IMG 20140605 00602 Mostly Lovin: Nuxe  Prodigieuse Set

The Nuxe Prodigieuse set

I have to tell you, as much as I love trying out new products I just keep coming back to Nuxe’s body oil. With 97% natural precious plant oils and rich in vitamin E, this range is simply wonderful. The aroma is so lovely that after many a-compliment, Nuxe has finally brought out an accompanying fragrance with the same summery iconic aroma of the body oil. With the same base notes present in the skincare range of Vanilla and Coconut Milk you will be transported to balmy evenings in the Méditerranée. The set also contains a Prodigieuse scented candle just in case you are still left wanting after dousing your self in the body / shimmer oil. Délicieux!

Pick of the Week

Mexicana Chiqui Boots e1402917568360 Pick of the Week

Mexicana Chiqui Boots

It occurred to me that I have not indulged in a truly fashion post for quite some time. With a couple of other projects in the pipeline my head has been somewhat absent from the fashion scene of late and I must say I have missed it and all the brightly coloured things! Alor, without further a due here’s what I been a-lusting-after…

445987 ou xl e1402917620500 Pick of the Week

Scosha Bracelets – My Precious…

Isabel Marant Dully Checked Linen Shirt e1402917686129 Pick of the Week

Isabel Marant Dully Checked Linen Shirt

467805 ou xl e1402918157849 Pick of the Week

Cire Trudon’s ‘Rose Poivrée’ candle…A Better Class of Smell Don’t You Know

441307 in xl e1402918434844 Pick of the Week

Burberry Shoulder Bag, Simply Parfait