Day at Devils Dyke

IMG 20140610 00615 e1405690667337 Day at Devils Dyke

Devils Dyke Valley

Mostly Lovin’: Net-a-Porter: Well Trained

470928 ou xl e1405103265607 Mostly Lovin: Net a Porter: Well Trained


I for one am loving the new specialist workout range available from As you know, I’m a sucker for well designed sports wear that will allow me to slouch whilst simultaneously looking as though I were about to break into a half marathon at any given moment. Gold star! x

Mostly Lovin’: Nuxe Prodigieuse Set

IMG 20140605 00602 Mostly Lovin: Nuxe  Prodigieuse Set

The Nuxe Prodigieuse set

I have to tell you, as much as I love trying out new products I just keep coming back to Nuxe’s body oil. With 97% natural precious plant oils and rich in vitamin E, this range is simply wonderful. The aroma is so lovely that after many a-compliment, Nuxe has finally brought out an accompanying fragrance with the same summery iconic aroma of the body oil. With the same base notes present in the skincare range of Vanilla and Coconut Milk you will be transported to balmy evenings in the Méditerranée. The set also contains a Prodigieuse scented candle just in case you are still left wanting after dousing your self in the body / shimmer oil. Délicieux!

Pick of the Week

Mexicana Chiqui Boots e1402917568360 Pick of the Week

Mexicana Chiqui Boots

It occurred to me that I have not indulged in a truly fashion post for quite some time. With a couple of other projects in the pipeline my head has been somewhat absent from the fashion scene of late and I must say I have missed it and all the brightly coloured things! Alor, without further a due here’s what I been a-lusting-after…

445987 ou xl e1402917620500 Pick of the Week

Scosha Bracelets – My Precious…

Isabel Marant Dully Checked Linen Shirt e1402917686129 Pick of the Week

Isabel Marant Dully Checked Linen Shirt

467805 ou xl e1402918157849 Pick of the Week

Cire Trudon’s ‘Rose Poivrée’ candle…A Better Class of Smell Don’t You Know

441307 in xl e1402918434844 Pick of the Week

Burberry Shoulder Bag, Simply Parfait

Weekend in Bath

IMG 20140420 00502 Weekend in Bath

IMG 20140420 00501 Weekend in Bath

RIP Ruby Dee

Ruby e1402598373479 RIP Ruby Dee

Image Courtesy of Everett Collection

‘We used the arts as part of our struggle’. ‘Ossie said he knew he had to conduct himself differently with skill and thought.’ Ruby Dee.

Homeade Granola – Super Food Breakfast

IMG 20140609 00612 e1402338921190 Homeade Granola   Super Food Breakfast

Coco-Yummy Granola

This my friends is the breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner of kings! I have “borrowed” this berry mix from my friend Rosie AKA The Londoner but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind… Blended red berries and banana frozen cream sprinkled with home-made coconut and flaked almond granola. The granola is also great a top baked apples for a healthy apple crumble. I like to toast a mix of oats, barely and bran toasted in some organic coconut oil. Add your preferred nut and away you go. Once toasted I like to add some flax seed, unsalted dried fruit such as cranberry or dates and a table spoon of toasted Soya bran. What’s not to love? x

20140609 163747 e1402339022516 Homeade Granola   Super Food Breakfast

Red Berry & Banana Frozen cream

20140609 163930 e1402564072865 Homeade Granola   Super Food Breakfast

Creamy Deliciousness

Mostly Lovin’: Raw Food Snacks

IMG 20140415 00493 e1401811747405 Mostly Lovin: Raw Food Snacks

Yes Please!

These raw food snack bars from Nakd are strangely more-ish. My initial response was hmm…candle wax but with more than a little persistence I do find it’s a question of adjusting your palette to accommodate a less is more sweet treat… Having read the ingredients I think this is something one could probably make at home with a little practice. I am thinking of inserting a raw food only day into my weekly repertoire. What is your take on the raw food movement? I for one am intrigued simply because it must take an awful lot of commitment and forward planning. Let me know. x

IMG 20140609 00611 e1402325703659 Mostly Lovin: Raw Food Snacks

Friday & It’s Feeling Like A Run day!

IMG 20140604 00600 e1401996337968 Friday & Its Feeling Like A Run day!

Oldie but a Goodie – Nike Air Rift

Mostly Lovin’: Vintage British Vogue

IMG 20140521 00546 e1401281547547 Mostly Lovin: Vintage British Vogue

September 1990

I simply adore this image of the lovely Jade Jagger featured on the cover of British Vogue September 1990. It brings back such wonderful memories of a year where anything and everything became possible! x