Mostly Lovin': Himalayan Pink Salt


OK so I am aware that many of my fellow “bloggers” have been bleating on about extolling the virtues of Himalayan Pink Salt for quite some time. Yes, I am somewhat late to the party but I finally had to find out for myself just what all the fuss is about so I wandered down to my local whole foods store.
Pink salt contains the vital minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium, which are I am told essential to good health. “Mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan by Tribal virgins (OK, so I made that bit up), it contains an almost identical set of elements as those in our body – and get this…in the same proportions that occur in our blood. Apparently it is just the high mineral content which causes the distinctive rose pink colour. As for flavour, there is a real roundness to the taste which definitely enhances foods. It seem to draw out the true essence off foods i.e. French fries are quite simply divine sprinkled with the pink stuff. Guacamole is sublime but don’t take my word for it. If you like me have a tendency to be a little heavy-handed with the white stuff make the switch to pink and you won’t look back! x

The Pink Stuff

The Pink Stuff

Oh Boy! Vintage Car Auction

Je sais…this is something of a departure for me but let me tell you, when I saw these beauties at a vintage car auction I like…died! This early 1952 Aston Martin DB2 Vantage is rare and considerably cheaper (I use that term very loosley), than its bretheren the DB4-5-6.

You will note that there is a distinct lack of seat belt action in this vehicle but that mes amis is but a small and irrelevant detail. May I suggest that were one to crash this vehicle one would not wish to live in any case!

This 1962 Jaguar E-Type (above) is without doubt my fantasy dream car par excellence! I dream of this beauty. Granted… generally I am pushing said Jaguar as I do not yet drive but that mes amis again…details, details…

Et finalement, the 1971 Citroen DS21 EFI…truly a thing of ugly beauty. OK, so yes, it was the extraordinary hydro pneumatic suspension of the DS that won me over. The Citroen sports a four speed gearbox with power steering and brakes and features the world famous self-levelling suspension coupled with directional headlights… I mean come on!

Mostly Lovin': Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Foam

I fear I may be orally fixated. Yes, you read me correctly! I have developed something of a religious approach to teeth cleaning ever since my hygienist spooked me into developing a regime that would put the queen of toothy smiles Julie Roberts to shame. First I floss, then I brush for no less than two minutes, then I use an inter-dental brush. I then rinse with a specialist mouthwash. Finally, I use my newly discovered teeth whitening find ” Dental Cleaning & Whitening Foam” from Smile Science.
What I love about this treatment is that it is peroxide free and non-abrasive enough to be used everyday. Infused with oxygen, the foam gradually lifts stains from the surface enamel and reaches the areas in between the teeth where paste and strips would be left wanting. I’ve been using for a week now and I’m sure I see a difference. I plan to use as a means to maintain pearly-white teeth once I reach the desired level of bling! X

Meaty Monday

Baby Got Back!

Baby Got Back!

Alors, so a less than virtuous start to the week but in the words of my favourite Chef, “what is life if you don’t live a little?” Bravo!

Mostly Lovin': Laurence Dacade

Mesh Macramé Merli Boot

You may remember I have more than a fleeting love of the designs of French shoe designer extraordinaire Laurence Dacade. Just when I think I have found the ultimate boot she goes and does it all again! Quel damage! x

Floral Merli Canvas Boot

Floral Merli Canvas Boot

Leather Shoes in Bordeaux

Leather Shoes in Bordeaux

Deric Leather Sandal

Deric Leather Sandal

Mostly Lovin': The Old House Espadrilles

Free Bag, Happy Days!

So I just received my long awaited pair of traditonally fashioned espadrilles from The Old House boutique and I can tell you I have received more than my fair share of admiring glances aimed at my “plates of meat” (that’s feet to you).

It is difficult to convey just how enamored I am with my recent purchase. Try to imagine if you will a pair a shoes both stylish yet comfortable that instantly make you smile whenever you catch site of them. They arrived complete with a cotton bag perfect for cramming with beach wear and the like, how very thoughtful of them!

Wakey Wakey!


I love the ethos of this company namely that “At The Old House we believe our childhood is the cradle of our inspiration and creativity”, here here say I! I have read that they may cease trading soon which would be an incredible shame. So rarely do I come across a company with an ethical backbone let alone a wonderfully different and well crafted product. It would be such a shame to see them go, please do what you can and stock up lest they disappear all too soon!

Mostly Lovin': I Quit Sugar by Sara Wilson

Mostly Lovin': I Quit Sugar by Sara Wilson!

I Quit Sugar & Jelly Tots!

It has taken me quite some time to get round to reviewing this particular book. Not through any gaping lack of spare time but rather it was more a question of tactical delay. I don’t have a distinctly sweet-tooth, I’m generally more prone to devouring salty treats in mere moments! However, every now and then, a girl needs some sugar and I was hoping this book would help me tackle those moments.

One of the characteristics which originally drew me to this book was that it was an actual 8 week program – a sugar detox as it were. Wilson fully expects that you may fall off the wagon but this is expected and is not the end of the world, you simply continue on with the best of intentions. What I found especially helpful was the “getting prepared” section which details how to stock-up your larder to avoid sugary mishaps. Having read the book from cover-to-cover I am now more attuned as to how to read food labels. If I want to have some sugar I will but I don’t like having sugary substances covertly piped into condiments and the like simply because the manufacturer believes the public can’t cope without a particular level of fructose.

I found some of the savoury recipes a little stade but in that respect Wilson in no way suggests she has any culinary expertise, the book is simply an insight into her positive experience of quitting sugar and how she went about it. So, if quitting or simply cutting back on the white stuff is something you want to do, this is definitely a great place to start!

Spring Fragrance: Roger Gallet Bois D’Orange

Firm Favourite

Quick Lunch: Warm Lentil Salad

This is one of my all time favourite quick healthy lunches which can be easily transported for a filling lunch-on-the-run. Cook some puy or green lentils but make sure you do not over cook them as it is nice to retain some bite. Once cooked, drain and sauté with a table spoon of olive or rapeseed oil, half a clove of garlic, fresh thyme (or dried), sliced red bell pepper. Take off the heat after about two minutes. You are literally just warming through the ingredients and getting rid of the raw garlic taste. Add a tablespoon of good balsamic vinegar and season to taste, add some torn goats cheese or feta. Great as a stand alone dish or with fish, this is a super healthy yet filling meal. Jouir! x

Sunday Treats: Petit Salé

Petit Plate pour Moi

Boned half belly of pork or belly slices if need be
bouquet garni of fresh parsley bay thyme
some small onions
Puy lentils

Salt the pork for at least four hours, or overnight. You need to cover meat liberally and set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to cook.

Wash the salt off. Pat the meat dry. Place it skin side down in a heavy pan and cover with cold water, add the bouquet garni, and simmer for 50 minutes.

Turn the meat. I like to saute my onions, carrot, celery, bay leaves and herbs and a little good pancetta whilst the pork is simmering. Yes, I know this is a departure from the purist methodology but each to their own. Once the pork has begun to soften I then incorporate the pork and it’s cooking liqueur to the pan of sauteed veg along with the puy lentils to finish off cooking. Traditionally you should also throw in some smoked sausage here but I am not particularly a fan. Serve with some good bread and and even better wine. x