Summer Sense, bronze goddess perfume

There is something so wonderfully evocative about perfume and familiar aromas. For a long time now I have associated memorable days with particular scents. For example, Jean Paul Gaultier’s “Classic” women’s fragrance will always bring to mind my first kiss. Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder puts me in mind of late summer evenings or days spent lazing on the beach in the Caribbean. Laced with vetiver, mandarin and a hint of coconut to remind you it is a summer fragrance, a quick spritz of this and I could be lying on a hammock somewhere north of Brazil. What’s your go-to summer fragrance? x

Mostly Lovin': Emmanuelle Alt

The "Alt Gang"

The “Alt Gang”

I’m pretty sure I may have stated this before however, I really want to infiltrate Emmanuelle Alt‘s gang. Alt displays such a low key yet functional personal style. She is neither showy or too fashion consicous and this really appeals to me. I dare say, it is just one of the many reasons she collects sartiorial admirers the globe over. This woman simply gets it. Comment ne pas aimer à ce sujet? Bisous.

Image courtesy of Tommy Ton.

Discovered: The Grubbag Cook book


This cook book was given to me by a dear old friend. Held together by string and tacks, The Grub bag by Ita Jones is a political, feminist manifesto all wrapped up in the guise of an “underground cookbook”. Developed from its original incarnation as a column in the Liberation News Service, Jones interweaves practical tips intermixed with silent revolution and the desire to “break the chains that oppress”. Set aside some of the more barmy ideals i.e. “eating an apple is cannibalistic”,
There are some great timeless recipes to be found such as “Blackgap Stew” – a hearty beef, beans and pork one-pot wonder. The “winter salad” section is also a great addition to any weekly menu repertoire. One of my favourite recipes would have to be the “Javanese Omelette” a type of slow cook Spanish style omelette. I’d be interested to know of any other books by Jones. Do get in touch if you can recommend one. Happy New Year! x


New Year, New Sleepwear!

DKNY Shine On PJ's

DKNY Shine On PJ’s

Yes…it’s true my friends. When the burgeoning year rears it’s head I look to new sleepwear. I decided a while back to no longer take the path of least resistance when it comes to maintenance and personal style hence this latest addition to my nightwear repertoire. Classic, stylish and oh-so-warm, these “Pajamas” from DKNY are a welcome addition on cold nights of late. I used to collect vintage silk PJ’s from stores such as Flip in Covent Garden but since they departed I have found there to be a thin line between vintage and plain old worn-out. It is lovely to come across classical styles of sleepwear. I dare say my love of vintage style pyjamas is a by-product of watching one too many black and white movies but what’s a girl to do? Heureux Nouveaux Année amis . X


Joyeux Noël A Tous

Merry Christmas to me!

Merry Christmas to me!

Pre-Dinner Christmas Amble...

Pre-Dinner Christmas Amble…

Treats for the Sweet!

Treats for the Sweet!

Mostly Lovin': The Thug Kitchen Cookbook

"Totally F**king Brilliant!"

“Totally F**king Brilliant!”

In my present frame of mind this cookbook is right up my avenue so to speak. I know I should eat well but sometimes, just sometimes I really don’t want to start chopping vegetables and ar*ing around with sweet potatoes after a hard days musings… Try to imagine if you will a very angry gentlemen from lets say New Jersey attempting to tell you how to serve grilled eggplant (OK aubergine) with Soba noodles after you’ve just trashed his football team and informed him that his mother resembles a swamp-donkey. Still confused, OK the opening blurb reads, “We are here to inspire mother-f****rs to eat some God-damn vegetables… Capisce?! x

Image courtesy Thug

Feeling Festive Yet?

Feeling the Vibe in Sussex

Feeling the Vibe in Sussex

Mostly Lovin': Simple Things

Desk Distractions

Desk Distractions

Forever Christmas


This weekend I meandered into Town to pick up a Christmas tree (yes a week late I know). I cannot abide fake trees but fresh trees always present a dilemma. I have never really liked the over-charged mentality of buying a tree for Christmas and binning it come January. It has always seemed like an awful waste to me especially since my usual Norwegian Spruce tends to last an age and is normally in perfectly good nick when given the old heave-ho. Enter the “potted mini-tree”.

Check Back in Ten Years or So...

Check Back in Ten Years or So I Promise…

OK, so it may not look like much this year but come December 2015 I will have a beautiful mid-sized tree. In seven to ten years my mini Spruce will have reached ten foot and will continue to provide festive cheer for years to come. or at least until you kill it by frequent over watering! Now what could be more in keeping with the Christmas spirit than the gift of life?! x

Mostly Lovin': Babour Re-Waxing Service


Before, patchy & Pitiful

It is difficult to convey just how impatient I can be when it comes to undertaking painstaking and meticulous tasks. A few months ago I decided to bring myself to the edge of insanity challenge myself by attempting to re-wax my beloved Liberty London print Babour Beadnell Jacket…two words in short…bad idea!

Two nights of furious attempts to re-wax had left my Beadnell looking as though I had been rolling around in a puddle of crude oil. Having borne witness to the slicken mess I was feverishly creating, a friend of mine suggested I try the re-waxing and repairs service at Barbour. So far so likey I thought. Fill out the on-line form, send your payment and ship your jacket off for the waxed jacket equivalent off the Betty Ford Clinic.


Alexa Chung Rocking the Beadnell


Born Again!



After four weeks or so my jacket returned by courier and boy did my original jacket return! Gone is the sickly pallid tones of pre-waxing, my jacket has been returned to it’s original slick moody moss-green tones. It looks quite simply brand-spanking new. This was definitely thirty pounds well spent. My jacket will now last many more years and you do end up with a garment which is as good-as-new. In short…I would highly recommend this service. So move away from the tin of wax and get posting!