Le Maintenance

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Mostly Lovin’: Forte Organics


I am loving my Forte Organics samples. The Citrus Body Cream is deeply moisturising and smells divine. I have been using the Almond and Hazelnut face scrub once a week for the last month and I have been pretty impressed with the nourishing and clarifying effects. Please feel free to send me more Mr Forte!

V’s Skinade Tips


Image Courtesy of Skinade.com

Recently I have heard a lot of chatter as to the benefits of using Skinade – a dietary supplement which promises to transform your skin. It comes in the form of a liquid supplement come sachet which is added to water. Skinade claims to allow you to “drink your way to younger looking skin in just 30 days“! That’s quite a claim so I thought I had better see what all the fuss is about.
Unfortunately, I had not anticipated the somewhat excessive price tag of £99 for a 30 day supplement…but then I had an idea…

The manufactures of Skinade very kindly list the constituent active vitamins and minerals contained in the supplement so I thought why not buy the individual vitamins such as; Vitamin C, MSM (a type of organic sulphur which improves skin elasticity), Mangosteen, Vitamin B complex, Omegas 3 & 6, amino acid and L-lysine?

I have been using the below concoction of supplements for a month now and I have to say I have noticed some real changes. There is a very real radiance or sheen to the skin. My complexion appears less prone to monthly breakouts and dry patches. In total I spent a mere £35 on a selection of good quality vegan supplements. It definitely seems to make sense to give ones skin a helping hand. Bisous



Mostly Lovin:’ Aveda After Sun Hair Mask


Moisture Magic

Summer is great isn’t? The balmy summer evenings, blue skies as far as the eye can see and hair as dry as freeze-dried hay bales! Alors, I have elected to bring in the big-guns to impart some much needed moisture into my weary locks. Enter Aveda’s after Sun Hair Mask. This rich, creamy mask helps to sooth and hydrate sun damaged hair. When at home I like to smother my ends and pile into a loose bun. I can then get on with the day and rinse when I feel my hair has been suitably satiated.

This mask is also great as an overnight hair treatment for particularly sun-damaged locks. Apply liberally and pop on a shower cap overnight. Probably best not to invite the Mr over that night though… x

Pour Les Gens de Nice, La Paix Soit avec Vous Tous


Fast Lunch

Seafood Courgetti

Seafood Courgetti

RIP: Bill Cunningham 1929 – 2016

The Inimitable Bill

The Inimitable Bill

Le Weekend


Bon week-end à tous!

This weekend I will mostly be devouring these cook books I picked up in my local Cancer Research shop. Cooking at my leisure is quite simply one of my favourite ways to unwind. Of course, the resulting foodie treats are a bonus! Kisses.

New In: Iris & Ink Penelope Tank

Penelope Silk Tank

I recently acquired this little number by The Outnet’s home brand Iris and Ink brand new from a leading auction site for a mere £4! Yes, that was four Sterling! Effortlessly wearable, pair with a mid-length pencil skirt or high- waist jeans for an instant relaxed elegance.

Quel Bargain! Quel Bargain!

Mostly Trying: Hemsley & Hemsley Pablo’s Chicken

Whatever would the Colonel Say?!

Whatever would the Colonel Say?!

Last night’s dinner, Hemsley and Hemsley Pablo’s Chicken, Spiralizer sweet potato chips and salad. This was my first attempt using the Hemsley’s recipe for so called “chicken shop chicken”.
My feeling is there are far more straight forward and dare I say tastier ways to achieve a southern fried chicken taste without smothering the chicken in ground almonds. For example, I have used flax-seed in the paste with my own secret spice mix and it was very moreish and seemed lighter also. That being said, I would certainly recommended this recipe if you are a coeliac and struggle to find alternatives to breaded recipes.
I would be interested to know your preferences when it comes to Southern fried chicken mixes.