Mostly Lovin': Simple Things

IMG 20141216 00823 e1418724232604 Mostly Lovin: Simple Things

Desk Distractions

Forever Christmas

mini christmas tree e1418216735810 Forever Christmas

This weekend I meandered into Town to pick up a Christmas tree (yes a week late I know). I cannot abide fake trees but fresh trees always present a dilemma. I have never really liked the over-charged mentality of buying a tree for Christmas and binning it come January. It has always seemed like an awful waste to me especially since my usual Norwegian Spruce tends to last an age and is normally in perfectly good nick when given the old heave-ho. Enter the “potted mini-tree”.

IMG 20141209 00815 e1418217406352 Forever Christmas

Check Back in Ten Years or So I Promise…

OK, so it may not look like much this year but come December 2015 I will have a beautiful mid-sized tree. In seven to ten years my mini Spruce will have reached ten foot and will continue to provide festive cheer for years to come. or at least until you kill it by frequent over watering! Now what could be more in keeping with the Christmas spirit than the gift of life?! x

Mostly Lovin': Babour Re-Waxing Service

tumblr lrayhxoe7R1r32hnfo3 1280 e1415109419107 Mostly Lovin: Babour Re Waxing Service

Before, patchy & Pitiful

It is difficult to convey just how impatient I can be when it comes to undertaking painstaking and meticulous tasks. A few months ago I decided to bring myself to the edge of insanity challenge myself by attempting to re-wax my beloved Liberty London print Babour Beadnell Jacket…two words in short…bad idea!

Two nights of furious attempts to re-wax had left my Beadnell looking as though I had been rolling around in a puddle of crude oil. Having borne witness to the slicken mess I was feverishly creating, a friend of mine suggested I try the re-waxing and repairs service at Barbour. So far so likey I thought. Fill out the on-line form, send your payment and ship your jacket off for the waxed jacket equivalent off the Betty Ford Clinic.

Alexa Rocking the Beadnell Mostly Lovin: Babour Re Waxing Service

Alexa Chung Rocking the Beadnell


20141128 112758 e1417175027417 Mostly Lovin: Babour Re Waxing Service


20141128 112917 e1417175210345 Mostly Lovin: Babour Re Waxing Service

After four weeks or so my jacket returned by courier and boy did my original jacket return! Gone is the sickly pallid tones of pre-waxing, my jacket has been returned to it’s original slick moody moss-green tones. It looks quite simply brand-spanking new. This was definitely thirty pounds well spent. My jacket will now last many more years and you do end up with a garment which is as good-as-new. In short…I would highly recommend this service. So move away from the tin of wax and get posting!

Mostly Lovin': Pedro Lourenço Indy Stretch-Jersey Sports Bra

490909 fr xl e1417103121307 Mostly Lovin: Pedro Lourenço Indy Stretch Jersey Sports Bra

If I am going to be getting super fit this winter I may as well look good doing it. I love the muted pastel tones of this Pedro Lourenço Indy sports bra. Available from net-a-porter it also comes with matching running tights but I prefer to keep it simple and mix and match. Stocking filler anyone…?!

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Petit Déjeuner pour Une à Côte

IMG 20141121 00802 Petit Déjeuner pour Une à Côte

IMG 20141121 00803 e1416572290941 Petit Déjeuner pour Une à Côte

So I took my little self off for some well earned eggs Florentine at a well know eatery in Town. Lovely free range egg, great freshly ground robust cafe. My main and only bone of contention however is the collective fear of seasoning one’s hollandaise sauce and the strange common practice of serving a part toasted floppy muffin. This simply will not do people. A toasted English Muffin by it’s very nature should have some bite. Eateries, please refrain from serving us these flaccid pale offerings we so often receive. A nice bit of carbon never did anyone any harm! Consider yourself told… By the way, please excuse the dodgy photos, a result of furtive covert snapping as nobody likes a photographer whilst they eat…

IMG 20141121 00804 e1416572213302 Petit Déjeuner pour Une à Côte

Oozy Goodness

Mostly Lovin': Salmon Dill & Avocado Homemade Wrap

IMG 20141101 00789 Mostly Lovin: Salmon Dill & Avocado Homemade Wrap

A quick and healthy lunch. Organic gluten free wrap filled with poached salmon, quick stir fried veg, avocado and dill infused organic mayonnaise. Simple yet satisfying!

Clean Living with Model Blogger Eddie Mitsou

1 e1415128987559 Clean Living with Model Blogger Eddie Mitsou

I first came across Model and Vegan Blogger Eddie Mitsou Pettersson a few years back at the height of my Scandinavian obsession. Eddie has committed herself to living a clean lifestyle both in terms of what she puts into her body but also in relation to how she interacts with this planet and other people.
The very fact that she has taken time out of her busy schedule to take part in this interview demonstrates just how incredibly endearing this lady is. Her amazing new blog is a great place to start if you are looking to become more health conscious or simply to find some marvellous vegan recipes.

1. How do you balance the demands of modelling with the practice of clean eating / living?
My works actually makes it pretty easy for me to be a clean eater. Since it’s almost like a freelance work I can usually plan my time how I want and get lunch where I feel like. If I have a casting day it’s almost always that they run from example 10 am to 2 pm and then I can schedule a vegan lunch at noon without a problem. When I work I always bring snacks.
When it comes to the demands of modelling and a vegan lifestyle I realized through out the year that the only thing that is a little bit difficult is all the sugars I eat… Fresh fruits, dried fruits, energy bars and healthy super-food smoothies. All though it’s natural and almost only good for you – it is still sugar! The hardest thing for me is to find “sugar free” raw food snack options and so on… Except from that my clean diet is pretty exceptional if you want to stay in good shape!

2. Your Blog often features family members, clean eating seems to be very much a family affair, is it something you have always practised?
I grew up in Sweden and I was raised eating wholesome home cooked food. My dad used to be a gourmet chef so he always cooked amazing dinners. When I became gluten free vegan my whole family was very supportive and began making special dishes for me if I came over for dinner. My dad make the best vegan mushroom “quinoasotto”!!

I always loved healthy food and vegetables has always been on my top list of favourite foods since I was a little girl. I always loved foods from the nature!

IMG 0511 copy e1414789871735 Clean Living with Model Blogger Eddie Mitsou

3. Do you also champion organic cosmetics and skincare?
Yes I do. I use very little products though. The only things I really use is almond- and coconut oil for my body and rose oil for my face. Those are of course organic. But I have to admit that my mascara is a good old classic Dior – probably not the most ethical one…

4. With the steady rise in food prices eating clean can sometimes be quite costly, any suggestions to keep costs to a minimum?
To be completely honest, when people around me say that they can’t afford to be healthy and vegan, I just think it’s a bad excuse. There’s tons of cheaper products you can use! Canned beans, whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables. I promise you if you switched over from being a meat eater you would save money. Just keep it simple! You don’t really need all the super-food products that I use, you can make delicious organic vegan food anyways.

5. What is your go-to store cupboard item?
Quinoa! It contains protein, fibers, antioxidants, is low in carbs and high in essential amino acids. A super nutritious food! You can create so many things with it; baked veggie patties, creamy soups, make a nice stew and serve with quinoa, a filling salad, a sweet morning porridge or just eat it simple as it is flavoured with different spices.

6. For someone toying with the idea of switching to clean eating / vegan diet, what would you say is the single greatest benefit?
The energy and feeling of being alive from only living and super healthy foods! You can eat much more – and more often – since you only put things that’s good for you into your body. Everything I eat has some magnificent benefit! When I changed into the gluten free vegan diet I got stronger hair and nails, my body got more toned (mainly from cutting out gluten I suppose) and people told me how fresh I looked. I still get that comment from people – that I have a certain “glow”! That comment always make me glow even more! icon wink Clean Living with Model Blogger Eddie Mitsou

7. Do you ever find yourself experiencing less than clean food cravings and if so would you ever give into them?
No I actually don’t because I can create everything I crave. If I crave ice cream, I’ll buy a naturally sweetened coconut ice cream that’s so irresistible you can’t believe. If I crave salty chips, I’ll go for either a crunchy kale version or a good old black bean- and quinoa chips. If I want cheese, I’ll go for a creamy aged cashew cheese. Do I want bread? OK, let’s bake a fluffy brown rice- and garbanzo flour rosemary bread. Everything is possible!!
One of my latest guilty food craves actually happened this summer. I was at Way out West music festival in Gothenburg, Sweden and really wanted a grilled cheese sandwich. Believe it or not – I found this food truck that made a gluten free toast with two kinds of vegan cheese. It tasted exactly like I remembered it.. The cheese was melting and the bread was perfectly warm.. *drooling*
8. And finally…Le fashion, who is your favourite designer?
I’ve always loved design from Belgium – like Ann Demeulemeester, Margiela and Dries van Noten. But I can’t say I really have a favourite designer at the moment. Since I became more aware of taking care of our mother earth I’ve mainly only been buying vintage. I love finding unique pieces at thrift stores or flea markets!

IMG 7672 copy e1414785936613 Clean Living with Model Blogger Eddie Mitsou

Clean Living in Motion

All images courtesy of Mitsou Inc

Mostly Lovin': Kale Chips for One

20141030 123020 e1414672905960 Mostly Lovin: Kale Chips for One


I like to sprinkle with Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Salt, Pepper and a dash of smoked paprika. Remember to keep a close eye on these babies as they do tend to burn quickly…
Check back soon for an up and coming interivew featuring an inspring beauty and “cleaning eating” heroine of mine… x

Winter Wonders

Laurence Dacade Pete Ankle Boots e1414227141699 Winter Wonders

Laurence Dacade Pete Stud Ankle Boots

It is very difficult to convey just how incomplete my wardrobe is without these amazing Laurence Dacade “Pete” booties. Quite frankly Dacade’s designs are so amazing here’s another pair for your peepers!

fabric achille calf boots e1414305953504 Winter Wonders

Fabric Achille Calf Boots

0228083002 1 100011 e1414350267960 Winter Wonders

Other Stories Sweater

Mainstream knitwear can so often be dull and sorely lacking in innovation. Not so this design from & Other Stories. A great design at a super price.

Elizabeth and James Iris Faux Shearling Coat e1414178552884 Winter Wonders

Iris Coat

Many, many years ago (but surprising not that many years ago) I used to “borrow” my brother’s faux fur teddy bear coat. Come to think of it, I’m not sure why my brother had such an item in his closet but I suspect that may be another post… Anyway, this tactile number from Elizabeth and James has my name on it.
This is a tricky style to pull off. Stray too far and you enter “hooker-ville” care of Starski & Hutch Town. Need I say more?

Seventeen Watch e1414179231903 Winter Wonders

Seventeen’ by Givenchy.

“Seventeen” watch by Givenchy in Olive green and black grosgrain. Just masculine enough to to sit a-top a delicate wrist.

Westwood Anglomania Shirt e1414180884727 Winter Wonders

‘Approval’ Shirt

I am more than just a little obsessed with obtaining this shirt by Vivienne Westwood. Great with a pencil skirt as well as skinny jeans, parfait.

The Elder Statesman Jumpsuit e1414181121585 Winter Wonders

Cashmere Jumpsuit by The Elder Statesman

Now…I have thought very long and hard about whether to include this item my friends. Yes, I do realise it’s an all-in-one but it is spun in one hundred percent super-luxe cashmere by The-Elder-Statesman. Just think of the weekends you could have pottering about in this little number, glass of Prosecco in one hand bowl of chips in the other. Lets just be thankful this version comes sans pockets or there is no telling how long it would take for some of us to vacate the kitchen snack draw…

All items available from

Rest In Peace: Oscar De La Renta

Oscar e1413898519351 Rest In Peace: Oscar De La Renta

The Inimitable Monsieur De La Renta – Image Courtesy