Mostly Lovin’: Le Casquette Marin

Le Casquette Marin

Le Casquette Marin

I am loving my new Casquette Marin hat from Boutique Saint-James. Perfect for this time of year and the none-stop drizzle we’ll no doubt be subject to from now until July! Easy to dress down or up, it’s the perfect way to inject a little Parisian quelque chose vous ne pensez pas? xx

Ahoy There!

Ahoy There!

Image Courtesy of Boutique St James

Dieu soit avec Paris: 13.11.15

Love, Style & Life with Garance Dore


So after almost two months of waiting I finally received my copy of Garance Dore’s first book “Love, Style & Life” and I couldn’t be more pleased!
Immensely personable and refreshingly real, Dore certainly puts the style into “lifestyle” and allows us mere mortals to chart her assent from zero to fashion hero. This book is a must for anyone looking to find their “fashion feet” as a blogger, illustrator or photographer. Congratulations Garance, from one blogger to another! Bisous.


Bliss (Spa) In A Bottle!

Citrus Zing! Citrus Zing![/caption

I absolutely love rediscovering beauty brands I have used in the past yet somehow almost forgotten. This lemon and Sage body cream from Bliss was a firm favourite in the past and was more recently replaced by Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Body Cream. Mais, rest assured I am firmly back on brand! x

Mostly Lovin’: The Autumn Leaves


Boy do I love Autumn! How stunning are is this blood-red Ivy?

Mostly Lovin;’: Acne Odelia Palm Shoes



I ask you, could these shoes from one of my favourite designers Acne be any more perfect? From the rounded toe to the sculpted metallic block heel, these shoes are quite simply perfection. P.S they also come in boot form (below). The only question now is which one to go for! Bisous.

Ora Palm Boot

Mostly Lovin’: Tess Ward’s Flax & Pumpkin Carb-free Bread


This morning I tried out Tess Ward’s Flax-seed and Pumpkin Bread and I have to say it was something of a revelation. Toasted straight from the oven yes I am a piggy and did not wait for it to cool down and smothered in my favourite demi-sel butter, it was simply delicious and extremely more-rish. It was refreshing to be able to eat a slice of bread the size of my head good sized and not have that familiar rising feeling that “tomorrow I will eat less bread”. Great for Diabetics, this truly is a win win recipe. As someone who has inadvertently spent a lifetime counting calories, I applaud Tess’ approach to food and healthy eating,

“Count your colours not calories and measure goodness not grams”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. P.S I substituted the pumpkin seed for sesame seeds largely due to the fact that I forgot to purchase pumpkin seeds… x

Mostly Reading: Made by Millie Mackintosh

Bedtime Reading

Congratulations to the lovely Millie Mackintosh on producing her first book. Looking forward to devouring the recipes and fitness tips! X

Mostly Reading: Mason Currey: Rituals

A Mason Currey best Seller

A Mason Currey best Seller

The lovely Garance Dore put me onto this book by Mason Currey. It’s a wonderful detailing of the daily rituals and practices of some of the historical greats from Mozart to Plath. Some rituals are incredibly complex in order to promote productivity whilst others barely cover half a page. You can guess which appeals to me…

I Needed It… Gerard Darel Pom Bag

Le “Pom” Bag

So I did a naughty thing… I purchased this buttery soft beauty from Gerard Darel last week to add to my winter wardrobe. Tired of lugging around a “hand-held” bag, I really fancied a cross-body option this autumn and here it is. Quelle beauté?! X