Rest In Peace: Oscar De La Renta

Oscar e1413898519351 Rest In Peace: Oscar De La Renta

The Inimitable Monsieur De La Renta – Image Courtesy

Mostly Lovin': Better You Magnesium Oil Spray

20141017 093711 e1413535281763 Mostly Lovin: Better You Magnesium Oil Spray

As you many know, I have once again set myself the challenge of getting trim in the next four weeks or so. To that end I’ve been working out like a maniac to facilitate the process. Whilst I can admit, this somewhat impatient approach is probably not the best attitude to adopt in such circumstances, I really would like to get to get back to what I do best which put quite simply is cooking and eating where I wish to be so to speak without endless months of grape counting. As well as my usual five days a week 10 KM bike ride I am also incorporating some strength training and interval kettle-bell work. I have found the switch-up to be particularity hard on my legs, specifically my thighs. It’s scary just how quickly muscle can grow when training and eating accordingly. Of course, the downside of muscle development is the pain when muscles rip. That is until a friend of mine suggested adding a Magnesium supplement to my diet and a spray formula to tackle topical aches and sprains. Magnesium Oil Spray by Better You is quite simply a life saver.

100 percent natural source, a few spritzes during or after a workout and the pain is all but gone (as is the cowboy walk). I use the “goodnight” version which is also packed full of essential oils such as Bergamot, Clary Sage and Grape Seed which can also help ease sleepless nights. I would highly recommenced this stuff for anyone working out hard, I am also told the bath flakes are particularly relaxing. If you are magnesium deficient it can tingle on first use but this soon disappears to leave silky soothed limbs!

Swedish Interiors In Bloom

IMG 20141008 00769 e1412780339933 Swedish Interiors In Bloom

Pretty Hot or What!

As the temperatures have suddenly dipped I have brought my beloved chilli plants inside and away from the elements. They are so incredibly pretty I think they rival my roses in terms of natural beauty. I have found the perfect plant pot from Swedish interiors Artilleriet. Perfekt!

Skultuna Flower Pot Swedish Interiors In Bloom

Ooooh… Shiny!

“Courgetti” Pasta

Courgetti Pasta e1412780584243 Courgetti Pasta

I have a wedding coming up and the race is on yet again to shift some lumps and bumps in time for a glamorous winter ceremony. This flavourful dinner of courgette strips tossed in olive oil, anchovy, olives, capers and baby plum tomatoes is a great way to impart some flavour without the calories. I like to cook my courgetti on the al dente side to leave a little bite. Lets be clear, I think this recipe works a whole lot better with my favourite pasta-of-pasta’s Orecchiette but we’ll forget that minor details for now shall we…

Mostly Lovin': Balmain Silk Perfume

IMG 20141001 00743 Mostly Lovin: Balmain Silk Perfume

Show Stopper!

Have I told you how amazing my hair smells of late? Really.. I haven’t? Silly me. Since discovering Balmain Silk Perfume my tresses currently exude the perfume of a freshly styled, buffed and manicured supermodel, no really. I can’t explain how lovely this stuff smells except to say think Gisele skipping through a field of Fresias. OK, I’ll try harder, a lightweight leave-in conditioner with a summery, sherbet, fresh scent enriched with Argan and Silk proteins, once you start spritzing with this stuff it’s really quite hard to stop. I love that it has multiple uses as a detangler, conditioner for both hair and scalp all the while adding shine and protection against external damage.

I am reliably informed this is the final touch for models taking to the catwalk at Balmain shows, alors what more could a girl ask for?

Mostly Lovin': Porselli Ballet Shoes

IMG 20140926 00736 Mostly Lovin: Porselli Ballet Shoes

Porselli in Terracotta

I for one have long admired the humble ballet pump. It has come and gone into fashion but as a sure-fire classic it will never truly disappear. I have often felt the trick to wearing ballet pumps is to choose the correct shape for your feet. For example, if you have wide feet you may wish to steer clear of French Sole’s India shoe. It is low cut and with a narrow fit. Op for the “classic”, which as the name suggests has a classic cut with zero toe cleavage and a medium width fitting.

My current favourite ballet pump is made by Italian house Porselli. Crafted from a hundred percent calfskin with a rounded toe an adjustable lace around opening, it is a truly flattering yet comfortable fit. What’s your preferred ballet flat?

Sunday Walk in Greenwich Park

IMG 20140921 00730 Sunday Walk in Greenwich Park

I for one intend to make the most of these residual summer days. Comme d’habitude it’s not long before the call of Greenwich Park reaches me and off I trot. As this could well be my last autumn in London (more on that soon) I thought I would marry two of my great loves…happy days!

IMG 20140921 00731 Sunday Walk in Greenwich Park

IMG 20140921 00732 Sunday Walk in Greenwich Park

IMG 20140921 00734 Sunday Walk in Greenwich Park

IMG 20140921 00733 Sunday Walk in Greenwich Park

Lavera Organic Wild Rose Deodorant

IMG 20140916 00725 Lavera Organic Wild Rose Deodorant

Natural Wild Rose Deodorant

I have long been of the opinion that the deodorant one chooses to use (or not, phew!) acts as additional layer of fragrance. Until recently I have been using Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist but you know me… very occasionally I like to switch things up! I would love to switch permantley to an organic deodorant so for the last week or so I have been trying out Lavera’s Organic Wild Rose Deodorant spray. It is important to allow at least two weeks for your body to adjust when switching to an organic deodorant so I will comment on performance in a few weeks. If it performs anything as good as it smells then the level of protection should be super! x

Mostly Lovin': My Autumn 2014 List

Lanvin Sugar Quilted Shoulder Bag e1410338012170 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Lanvin Sugar Quilted Shoulder Bag

Oh boy, look at the buttery softness of that leather, what a thing of beauty!

472395 fr xl e1410338228988 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Saint Laurent Glitter-finished pumps

I mean seriously…what’s not to love about these shoes? A wearable heel combined with glitter and the oh so lady-like ankle straps. Can’t you just picture yourself skipping down the lane?

472113 fr xl e1410338830529 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Pilotto Textured-Wool-Blend-Poloneck

I love a good autumn sweater and this one has just enough going on to distract from any lumps and bumps one may wish to disguise shall we say…

465679 fr xl e1410339381739 Mostly Lovin:  My Autumn 2014 List

Burberry Blanket Coat

There’s some about a “blanket coat” that really appeals to me. Could it be the close relation to my duvet…perhaps…

Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140815 00671 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

Country Retreat

This weekend I had what can only be described as the most relaxing, low key yet rejuvenating weekend in Oxfordshire. En route to a little known former country pile nestled just outside Oxford, we headed off for two days of R&R with only the stunning surrounding countryside, a spa and mini-gym (which we religiously peered into each morning and then carried on about the business of relaxation…piff!) for company.
Much of my time was spent eating, planning what I intended to eat later, or thinking about what I should wear…well to eat dinner that evening. As much as I would love to tell you where we stayed I have been sworn to secrecy as apparently it is something of a local well-known secret. Suffice to say, you wouldn’t have to look to hard should you find yourself in Abingdon one day but I’ve already said too much! x

IMG 20140815 00674 e1408291430265 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140815 00676 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140816 00679 e1408291497328 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

IMG 20140816 00681 e1408291560181 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

View from my Room

IMG 20140815 00677 e1408291935284 Weekend in Oxford (or Thereabouts)

View from the Bar