The Art of the Pocket Square with Trendhim
A Must-Have Guide

It’s not always easy for the modern-day gentlemen to stand out from a crowd. All too often, fashion trends are not a case of one-size-fits-all and the proliferation of skinny jeans is quite the case in point! Conversely, investing in well-made and timeless accessories is a simple yet cost-effective way to elevate one’s look and poise.

If you are considering introducing the pocket square into your sartorial repertoire but are uncertain as to how to proceed, Scandinavian brand Trendhim has you covered with their new book, “52 Ways to Fold Your Pocket Square”.

A stylish, foolproof guide to the intricate art of the pocket square fold, whether worn to complement a tie or as a stand-alone flourish of colour, this coffee table book would make a perfect gift for the aspiring debonaire man in your life. Head on over to Trendhim to get your copy. Biosus. x
The Pseudo Casual “Inverted Puff


The Architectural “Fleur De Lis”






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This would be the perfect Christmas gift for me. Must tell the wife. Outstanding blog as usual. Px

Ooooh! I’d love to see my hubby in something like this! I think I might buy the book – not so much for him, as for me!

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