Winter Wonders

Laurence Dacade Pete  Stud Ankle Boots
Laurence Dacade Pete Stud Ankle Boots

It is very difficult to convey just how incomplete my wardrobe is without these amazing Laurence Dacade “Pete” booties. Quite frankly Dacade’s designs are so amazing here’s another pair for your peepers!, Fabric Achille Calf Boots
Fabric Achille Calf Boots
Other Stories Sweater
Other Stories Sweater

Mainstream knitwear can so often be dull and sorely lacking in innovation. Not so this design from & Other Stories. A great design at a super price.,Iris Coat
Iris Coat

Many, many years ago (but surprising not that many years ago) I used to “borrow” my brother’s faux fur teddy bear coat. Come to think of it, I’m not sure why my brother had such an item in his closet but I suspect that may be another post… Anyway, this tactile number from Elizabeth and James has my name on it.
This is a tricky style to pull off. Stray too far and you enter “hooker-ville” care of Starski & Hutch Town. Need I say more?

Seventeen' by Givenchy.
Seventeen’ by Givenchy.

“Seventeen” watch by Givenchy in Olive green and black grosgrain. Just masculine enough to to sit a-top a delicate wrist.

'Approval' Shirt
‘Approval’ Shirt

I am more than just a little obsessed with obtaining this shirt by Vivienne Westwood. Great with a pencil skirt as well as skinny jeans, parfait.

Cashmere Jumpsuit
Cashmere Jumpsuit by The Elder Statesman

Now…I have thought very long and hard about whether to include this item my friends. Yes, I do realise it’s an all-in-one but it is spun in one hundred percent super-luxe cashmere by The-Elder-Statesman. Just think of the weekends you could have pottering about in this little number, glass of Prosecco in one hand bowl of chips in the other. Lets just be thankful this version comes sans pockets or there is no telling how long it would take for some of us to vacate the kitchen snack draw…

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Love the selection Vern, those boots at the top and the shirt are super cool….I want! So what’s the story about the teddy bear coat?!

Hi Em! Ha ha, you may well ask. It was a brown Paddington Bear tinted number which I think a certain someone may have thought better of as he seemed to allow us girls to borrow it with impunity… Lovely to hear from you Em. Come again soon! Bisous

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