The Sartorialist: A Closer Look

The Sartorialist, Garance Dore

I first became aware of The Sartorialist back in 2008. I was in the South of France away from the bulk of friends and family whilst navigating my way though one of the most challenging times of my life. In a quest for an “emotional relief”, I think this was one of the first times I really saw the web for what it is…a seemingly infinite looking glass. I spent much of my evenings surfing the net and yes (tut tut) reading the gossip sites quite honestly because the content was so deliciously ludicrous and as far removed from my situation as seemed possible.

A frequent visitor to, I looked forward to viewing the new images from The Sartorialist (AKA Scott Schuman), who at the time was a regular contributor. If designers can have a signature look so too can a photographer I feel. In the case of Schuman, it is the ability to truly capture life as it is being lived, providing a platform for a great outfit is a poor second.

So finalement, the second installment from The Sartorialist has finally arrived. As with the previous book, I only peruse three to four pages at a time. Like a child savouring their favourite treat…I know how to make this book last. Sometimes I casually skip pages safe in the knowledge that I will at some point stumble upon them and the beauty encased therein will have made the wait worth while. 

For me, the appeal of The Sartorialist is far greater than merely a study of trends and the fashion friendly. It is an open / ongoing discourse on how different lifestyles produce different styles but ultimately, it is the study of people and that is what keeps me coming back for more. I love the androgynous qualities of the above photo, the fact that she is looking away from the camera suggest a real authenticity between The Sartorialist and his subject. He is permitted to capture the subject living their life…


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