Le Weekend: Simple French Cookery by Edna Beilenson


I love a vintage cook book! I picked up this little gem in a second hand bookstore for the bargain price of £1! Written by Edna Beilenson with illustrations by Ruth McCrea it’s a great addition to any cook’s library.

First published in 1958 by Peter Pauper Press the book opens with a wonderful verse entitled “French Cookery is French Witchery” detailing how one will cast a spell upon all who dine in your company should this book employed.
My favourite recipe has to be Turtle Soup which was considered something of a delicacy but now appears to have disappeared from modern day menus…can’t think why. Grab your copy from Amazon.com and I promise you won’t be sorry. Biosus


Mostly Missing: Minerve


Relais Chantovent[caption id=

Minerve perched high above the Rivers La Cesse and Le Briant is a gem of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. With few vehicles and pedestrian streets it is a place I could happily return to year after year.



A lazy lunch at the spectacular Relais Chantovent is a must. Being in receipt of the new L’assiette du Michelin or Michelin Plate – a smaller accolade than the notorious Michelin Star but no less respected, the food is simply real french cuisine at its best.


The Relais Chantovent



Le Weekend


Bon week-end à tous!

This weekend I will mostly be devouring these cook books I picked up in my local Cancer Research shop. Cooking at my leisure is quite simply one of my favourite ways to unwind. Of course, the resulting foodie treats are a bonus! Kisses.

Mostly Lovin’: Marion De Montfort, Sussex

https://mdemontfort.com/, Horsham

And Life is Good Again…

There is simply nothing like finding home comforts away from home. Pour moi, Montpellier, France has always been home and it is such a treat to find authentic French foods in my local deli courtesy of the lovely Marion De Montfort. De Montfort is truly a gem in the heart of Sussex providing French food, hampers,cookery classes and a range of snacks and and nibbles usually only available en France, with gluten and lactose free options available too.
So, if you know a Francophile in Sussex take a look and get ordering. Frankly, I don’t know quite how I survived before she arrived! Bisous.

Sunday Treats: Petit Salé


Petit Plate pour Moi

Boned half belly of pork or belly slices if need be
bouquet garni of fresh parsley bay thyme
some small onions
Puy lentils

Salt the pork for at least four hours, or overnight. You need to cover meat liberally and set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to cook.

Wash the salt off. Pat the meat dry. Place it skin side down in a heavy pan and cover with cold water, add the bouquet garni, and simmer for 50 minutes.

Turn the meat. I like to saute my onions, carrot, celery, bay leaves and herbs and a little good pancetta whilst the pork is simmering. Yes, I know this is a departure from the purist methodology but each to their own. Once the pork has begun to soften I then incorporate the pork and it’s cooking liqueur to the pan of sauteed veg along with the puy lentils to finish off cooking. Traditionally you should also throw in some smoked sausage here but I am not particularly a fan. Serve with some good bread and and even better wine. x