Petit Déjeuner pour Une à Côte



So I took my little self off for some well earned eggs Florentine at a well know eatery in Town. Lovely free range egg, great freshly ground robust cafe. My main and only bone of contention however is the collective fear of seasoning one’s hollandaise sauce and the strange common practice of serving a part toasted floppy muffin. This simply will not do people. A toasted English Muffin by it’s very nature should have some bite. Eateries, please refrain from serving us these flaccid pale offerings we so often receive. A nice bit of carbon never did anyone any harm! Consider yourself told… By the way, please excuse the dodgy photos, a result of furtive covert snapping as nobody likes a photographer whilst they eat…

Oozy Goodness
Oozy Goodness

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