Mostly Lovin’: The Estrid Razor

Image Courtesy of Estrid

I cannot remember the last time I was excited to use a razor, that is, not until the arrival of Swedish brand Estrid. Created by women for women Estrid is whittling away at the stereotypical advertising models employed by male-centric shaving brands.

With a perfect price point, impeccable customer service and an aesthetically pleasing design, the Estrid razor glides across skin like a swan upon a frozen lake!

Vegan-friendly and with ethical production at its core, Estrid, I am very happy to report you have transformed the mundane chore of shaving into an act of pampering and indulgence. Go get yours! x

Mostly Lovin’: Birkenstock x Proenza Schouler

The Gloss Leather Over Stitch

Now you know how I adore Birkenstocks and now the clever people at Proenza Schouler have collaborated with Birkenstock to create a highly covetable line available at Net-a-Porter.

This post is a hopeful nod to the future when we can all bask in the summer sun from dawn until dusk. Bisous

The Milano Two-Tone

Mostly Tryin’: ARgENTUM Skincare


Rather excited to receive the ARgENTUM Infinie Body Lotion. Housed in a sleek black label-free glass bottle, this is skincare so good it requires no product description! Formulated with super hydrating silver hydro-salt and DNA HP technology, the science behind this brand is really quite staggering given the ingredients are sourced from 99.5% natural origins. I shall be decidedly disappointed if I do not have the skin of a plumptious newborn in the immediate future! x

What’s Not to Love

Mostly Tryin’: The Art of Concentration

The other day I was mindlessly trawling the depths of Youtube conducting targeted online research when I was struck by the excessive array of windows and tabs littering my computer screen and I began to wonder, where does my focus truly lie? Is it possible to genuinely give a hundred percent if our attention is habitually divided?

I have always been led to believe that the ability to multi-task is an attribute to be celebrated, after all, it is supposedly where women excel! So, what is concentration if not the ability to give one’s full focus to the task at hand?

Now my daily practice begins with small tasks; cracking an egg, cleansing my face. Seemingly mindless tasks but there is a simple pleasure to be found in giving a tomato it’s dues as you slice through ruby skin.

The notion of lending one’s full attention to one task at a time sounds simple but in practice, I have found it to be an exercise in mastering the art of presence and I suspect it will be a life-long study.

As I type, an alert from Net-a-Porter momentarily flashes on the screen, I have to make a conscious effort to resist the urge to switch tabs and peruse new editions. I suspect this flitting practice is a half habit and a half “fear of missing out” but it is a pattern I am determined to master…in the long run.

Wishing you all a very happy and present Christmas. Bisous

Mostly Lovin’: Laneige Lip Mask

If you are anything like me, the recent cold blast has left your lips closely resembling grade three sandpaper, alors, I have a plan! South Korean brand Laneige has come up with a clever little solution to our chapped woes. Their fruit flavoured sleeping masks are light enough to sleep in yet leave lips soft and hydrated by the break of dawn. Now that’s what I call low maintenance beauty! x

Mostly Lovin’: Wiwoos Custom Art

Are you a lover of modern art? Or perhaps you’re a marginal narcissist who would like to see themselves immortalised in watercolour? Maybe, like me, you have finally found the one and only photograph of yourself in which you do not resemble an escapee from some type of high-security facility and you would like to commemorate the occasion? Well, look no further mes amis.

Image Camille Witt

I’ve found a clever little website Wiwoos where you can purchase an illustration of Parisen life or a custom made piece created from a photograph of your choice! Wiwoos is the brainchild of Parisien Artist Camille Witt who studied at the rather exclusive Atelier de Sèvres in Paris. The only difficulty I foresee is in choosing which of Witt’s fabulous works you would like to purchase.

Check back soon to see my commission. Super excité! x

Mostly Lovin’: SJP x Sunglasses Hut

“Shields” in Blue Blue

There was a time not so long ago when I firmly believed it was entirely unnecessary to own more than one pair of sunglasses. Ah, the folly of youth! I now recognise that sunnies like hats afford a certain degree of anonymity, hence the international celebrity uniform! 

I’ve long been a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker’s unassuming street style which appears to be ultimately centred around comfort.

Simple but effective!

Now SJP has collaborated with Sunglasses Hut to produce a fantastic range of timeless sunglasses or “shields” as they have been appropriately titled which will add a finishing touch of insouciance to any off-duty outfit.

SJP in her “Shields”

According to SJP, ” No matter what you wear, sunglasses will always make you look and feel better”. I couldn’t agree more! Personally, I have my eye on the “blue blue” number… Bisous

Images courtesy of Sunglasses Hut

Mostly Lovin’: Jurlique…Again!

Olfactory Bliss

Sometimes you find a beauty range that you truly adore. It meets all of your fickle needs – scent, texture, organic, price-point and yet you find your head turned and before you know it, it has been years since you and your true beauty love were last in contact… 

I was so in love with the Jurlique range in my twenties. Produced in Australia, (so suitably difficult to obtain), the most amazing natural scents, bio-dynamic – namely each plant is harvested by hand – at the moment of its peak, and quite frankly to-die-for! And yet, somehow, my head was turned and I found myself toying with other brands.

Alors, I have made my flirtatious way back to Jurlique by way of the Rosewater Hydrating Botanical Mist. Back in the day, I would frequently douse myself spritz this wonderful mist on my face throughout the day or when flying long haul. It instantly “hydrates, softens and soothes, boosts radiance and refreshes the skin”. One’s visage is encased in a hydrating floral veil which quite frankly smells like the truest rose you ever did smell! 

I simply cannot get enough of this mist and rest assured, I have found my way back into the Jurlique fold and will not stray again…

Mostly Lovin’: Gisou Honey-based Haircare

There was a time when I firmly believed honey to be the secretions of something truly unholy but no more mes amis! Not only am I now prone to slathering the amber nectar on my face as an antibacterial antioxidant-rich face mask, but I am also loving honey and its inimitable fragrance in my haircare products.

I recently managed to get my sticky fingers on the Gisou propolis infused hair oil and hair perfume. As a woman of colour, I have long been a fan of Hair oil and I can happily report the Gisou hair oil to be one of my favourites! High in amino acids and antioxidants, the oil coats each strand in a fragrant shield of moisture whilst imparting the most delicious honey scent. I am so taken with the honey aroma I was compelled to purchase the hair perfume… what can I say…” girl’s gotta do”… Bisous

RIP: Peter Lindbergh 1944 – 2019

Karen Alexander by Peter Lindbergh

Peter Lindbergh captured some of the images which have in many respects become a part of our collective conscious. Just a few of the images which were both formative and indelible for me and my siblings. Once seen, never forgotten.

Lindbergh for US Vogue
Marie Sophie Wilson