All You Need is a Well Cut Jacket

Emmanuelle Alt

French women understand the importance of a well cut jacket. Let’s be clear, the success of Chanel is based in no small part upon this premise. Emmanuelle Alt lives predominately in jeans but transforms a rock and roll vibe into magazine editor status with a very carefully selected blazer. This is luxe dressing at its best. There are some wardrobe items that one can afford to be a little more relaxed about in terms of cut but a blazer is not one of them. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some great jackets this season in stores such as Zara but I have learnt from experience that invariably the sizing and cut is mismatched. For those of us of a well-endowed nature, it is not a good look to be constantly pulling at one’s lapels because your blazer refuses to ‘sit’ properly. On the other hand, were one to purchase an YSL jacket in a euro size 40, a euro size 40 is exactly what you will get. For me it’s a no brainer, scrimp on the basics, and invest in the staples. Vous savez qu’il a un sens, non? X


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