Tally Ho!

I’m not sure if I have ever shared this with you but… from time to time I quite like to dress as though I were someone else. “Whatever does she mean” I hear you ask? Acquire another persona you might say. You will find it gives one license to behave in all kinds of inappropriate manners. Well, this week I am really liking the “Horse and Hound” vibe. In practice this means I have found myself strangely drawn to checks, hounds-tooth and plaids, elbow patches, and corduroy… It would seem Rag and Bone have also been feeling this sentiment in recent months as their current collection is overflowing with heavy traditionally British fabrics.

Once this sort of thing comes over one, it’s best to simply indulge the fantasy. I did consider buying some jodhpurs (those of the puffed leg/thigh variety) but felt that might be a daydream too far! So, for now I have opted to settle for a well cut blazer, Current / Elliot pull up suede leggings and some Mudrucker riding boots. Now, where did I leave my horse?

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