Mostly Lovin’: Le Casquette Marin

Le Casquette Marin

Le Casquette Marin

I am loving my new Casquette Marin hat from Boutique Saint-James. Perfect for this time of year and the none-stop drizzle we’ll no doubt be subject to from now until July! Easy to dress down or up, it’s the perfect way to inject a little Parisian quelque chose vous ne pensez pas? xx

Ahoy There!

Ahoy There!

Image Courtesy of Boutique St James

Vintage Kenzo Hat: A Perfect Fit?

I am very upset, very upset indeed!  I am just a little obsessed now with finding the perfect winter hat that is to say before winter passes by altogether. This is becoming a “huge issue”. Huge in the sense that I seem to possess something of a particularly large head. Piff, comment est-ce possible que je vous entends pleurer? I was certain I had dealt with this bothersome matter when I purchased a vintage Kenzo fedora online in a large size. However, it would seem my conspicuous cranium has reared it’s size challenged head yet again…what is a girl to do? Buy men’s hats it would seem…



I Samourai

So this is it, the moment at which I realised the enigmatic ‘gravitas’ of the hat and fell hard for French cinema star Alain Delon in John-Pierre Melville’s “Le Samourai”. This movie single-handily and instantly changed my opinions regarding hats. The Solitude of the  Samourai is beautifully explored in this film. One is given the impression that he has only his expertly honed wits and sharp wardrobe to protect him from his enemies. Having now watched this film countless times, I believe the trick is to become one with the hat, a seamless entity until it becomes difficult to separate the wearer from the worn. It is a beautiful film, and one I would highly recommend in the Canon of French cinema.

Supermodel, Kenzo

Kenzo hat

The Outnet… 2012 Style Steals!

Anyone who has paddled in the sparkling waters of online clothes shopping will no doubt have encountered The The discounted designer shopping Mecca is a must for the cash-careful sartorially savvy happy to shop last seasons trends. As if 70% off were not tempting enough, The Outnet sale begins Tuesday 3rd of January, but be quick…just look at the bevvy of goodies I have found! x