Christmas Prep with Natur Boutique Tea,

Just two more sleeps…

Firstly, may I apologise for being somewhat “off piste” of late… (ah, the joys of family life). Anyone who knows me will no doubt be aware that Christmas is a feast fete which must be approached with the military precision of a small but as yet unclaimed regiment preparing to do battle.

I know I will be eating an obscene fair amount over the festive period and to that end I have devised a cunning plan…a week of hard exercise, abstinence and appetite appeasing tea courtesy of Natur Boutique.

Currently, I am supping the Diet Tea with Garcinia Cambogia. This is a lovely mild and vaguely sweet blend of green tea, garcinia cambogia, java tea, and liquorice. I like to add a cinnamon stick whilst steeping to add to the festive mood and really get those fat cells moving. Now, where did I leave those biscuits?


The Truth About Zero Noodles


Alors, the torture health kick gathers pace! I recently discovered Shirataki Noodles or Zero Noodles to quote the common brand name. There is nothing particularly new about said noodles unless of course you happen to live in The West. The Japanese and Chinese have been utilizing the health benefits of the Konjac plant for some time now. Apparently the noodles are 96% water but the truth is they could 99% condensed chicken feed and I would probably still extol their health benefits as they have transformed the often wanting market that is diet aids.
Thus far I have tried them in soups, stir-frys and pretty much any meal I consider might benefit from some “bulking out”!
The fact of the matter is these noodles have no real flavour and as with most noodles the flavour is imparted by which ever means you decide to cook them. I can honestly report this is the first time I have been on a calorie restricted diet and have not been left wanting at the end of the day.
The only truly disconcerting matter I have noticed is how these noodles do have a rather odd tendency to congregate together on the plate regardless of how far apart they were initially…make of this what you will. x


Sun Chlorella & Other Good Things…


As you may remember, I have been trying to make certain changes to my sartorial approach this year. I decided recently that to be truly comfortable (both inside and out), such sweeping changes should also include a healthier lifestyle. The first step in said lifestyle overhaul is to increase my intake of “super foods”. I mean why settle for health foods when you can have uber foods? So this weekend I skipped along to my local health store and got me some Sun Chlorella, hardcore Vit’ C and some other goodies. I am undertaking a skin spring clean…one pill at a time.


Sun Chlorella is credited with having contributed to the celestial glow currently sported by models such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr. Chlorella is a completely natural algae which is found in fresh water. It possesses an abundance of amino acids, nutrients and protein: twice as much protein than spinach!
I have started with the recommended 5 tablets a day and will build up to the standard 15 budget allowing, in due course. In two months I fully expect my complexion to be a source of evangelical pilgrimage! So, check back soon and I will reveal all…so to speak. Bisous.