Mostly Lovin’: Sandals with Socks?

Too Sexy?
Too Sexy?

Today I want to talk about a subject which is very close to my heart. It is a subject which both divides opinion whilst eliciting great passion. It is the vexatious matter of sandals and socks, yes my friends…worn at the same time…together. We have seen a rise in the number of fashion forward individuals extolling the virtues of “Le sandal-sock” but my friends I am here to tell you this will not end well.

Consider if you will the above photo, take some time. This morning when I remembered that I had been forced to dispatch my beloved Birkenstocks with last week’s curry, owing to the fact that I had worn matching holes into the general toe area, I slipped my feet into some flip-flops (which I had refused to wear all summer long no less) that somehow seemed perfectly suited for the days activities. After catching sight of me making a break for the kitchen my house guest informed me she could no longer endure the vision of my be-sandaled sock-encased feet “shuffling from room to room like some confused Netherlandic traveller” if you please!

Let’s be clear, I love to wear my sandals with socks. It’s a no-brainer. One simply slips a sock lined foot into the nearest foot shaped cavity and off you shuffle. The only trouble is one often becomes too comfortable in this guise whilst loafing in the house. So comfortable in fact that one fails to notice when one finds oneself making a break for the shops in said footwear… Yes mes amis, it is a slippery slope, a cautionary tail. First it is the Birkenstock and then…the flip-flop. Need I say more?


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So fuuny, what is going on with the sandal thing right now?! All the “cool cats” seem to be at it.

I saw a Clergymen sporting socks and “Birks” the other day and I smiled to myself. Surely this demonstrates that sandals and socks cannot be dragged into the arena of the street-style savvy?

Hi Elisabeth. I totally agree. For me, this pairing is all about comfort, not over thinking things. I cannot abide the “over-stylised”. Comfort is key. Any attempt to turn this happy marriage (after all, us Brits have been at this for many a decade) into a trend is simply missing the point. Bisous

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