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As you many know, I have once again set myself the challenge of getting trim in the next four weeks or so. To that end I’ve been working out like a maniac to facilitate the process. Whilst I can admit, this somewhat impatient approach is probably not the best attitude to adopt in such circumstances, I really would like to get to get back to what I do best which put quite simply is cooking and eating where I wish to be so to speak without endless months of grape counting. As well as my usual five days a week 10 KM bike ride I am also incorporating some strength training and interval kettle-bell work. I have found the switch-up to be particularity hard on my legs, specifically my thighs. It’s scary just how quickly muscle can grow when training and eating accordingly. Of course, the downside of muscle development is the pain when muscles rip. That is until a friend of mine suggested adding a Magnesium supplement to my diet and a spray formula to tackle topical aches and sprains. Magnesium Oil Spray by Better You is quite simply a life saver.

100 percent natural source, a few spritzes during or after a workout and the pain is all but gone (as is the cowboy walk). I use the “goodnight” version which is also packed full of essential oils such as Bergamot, Clary Sage and Grape Seed which can also help ease sleepless nights. I would highly recommenced this stuff for anyone working out hard, I am also told the bath flakes are particularly relaxing. If you are magnesium deficient it can tingle on first use but this soon disappears to leave silky soothed limbs!

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