I Tip My Hat to: Laetitia Crahay

Maison Michel, Colette, Madonna

Have you ever heard the expression, “too cool for school”? Well, I have and Laetitia Crahay (above) is so inherently cool I doubt that she would be allowed within five hundred yards of the place! Let me break it down for you as it were… Belgian beauty Crahay is accessories and jewelery designer at Chanel (but wait, did I just hear Angels sigh)?

If you’ve ever seen a photo of some hip young thing around town sporting an amazing headpiece (think Madonna’s bunny ears, OK so not so young), or a distinct hat and intently thought to yourself, “hmmm, I wonder where s/he got that”, chances are it was designed Crahay as head of achingly cool French hat company Maison Michel. The spring-summer campaign for Maison Michel is positively littered with bright young things such as French actress Clemence Poesy, and Lou Doillon, (not really sure what her day job is but does it really matter, her mother is Jane Birkin…love her!).

Maison Michel, Designer Hat, Madonna

Were I to have a hat made to measure, Maison Michel would be my first and last stop. Originally famed for its ornate wedding creations, Michel has now spawned a million high-street imitations, think ill fitting trilbies and floppy fedoras, but trust me nothing feels as good as a hat made to cradle your own slightly larger than average head. x

Maison Michel, Supermodel

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