Homeade Granola – Super Food Breakfast

Coco-Yummy Granola
Coco-Yummy Granola

This my friends is the breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner of kings! I have “borrowed” this berry mix from my friend Rosie AKA The Londoner but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind… Blended red berries and banana frozen cream sprinkled with home-made coconut and flaked almond granola. The granola is also great a top baked apples for a healthy apple crumble. I like to toast a mix of oats, barely and bran toasted in some organic coconut oil. Add your preferred nut and away you go. Once toasted I like to add some flax seed, unsalted dried fruit such as cranberry or dates and a table spoon of toasted Soya bran. What’s not to love? x

Red Berry & Banana Frozen cream
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