Happy Feet! / Pieds Heureux!

OK so it’s September 6th and I have that familiar and decidedly eerie ‘back to school feeling’. This is an odd but yearly phenomena considering I am nearing an age when school should be little more than a distant recollection (ahem, nuff said!). It doesn’t help my cause that the weather is particularly autumnal and broody today. I am resisting the urge to begin lining my body with fatty treats for the winter months, slapping on my faithful Ugg boots and retreating to a darkened corner of the house. But wait… just when I thought it was time to begin lining my nest, I have stumbled (literally) across the antidote to this mooching malaise whilst rummaging through my “winter closet”. Behold…a thoroughly  impractical “two-fingers to the day” pair of shoes! Newly spurred on I am on my way into town. I haven’t even reached the end of my driveway when a passer by double takes at my plates of meat (that’s feet to you!). He he…


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