Color Wow: A Murky Matter

Colour Me Black!
Colour Me Black!

When I was growing up my jet black hair was a source of great indignation and frustration. Why so very black I would wonder? I felt it was too mundane and ubiquitous. Don’t get me wrong, I had no desire to be a blond I was thinking more of a “Kelly Garrett a la Charlie’s Angels brunette if I am honest but rather just something a little less expected…
The other day I did something rather unusual. Whilst perusing the internet’s various beauty outlets I stumbled across a new (and may I say a long time coming) dry shampoo version for black/brunettes. This new-fangled invention got me-a-thinking about something I had come across earlier namely the new breed of powder based hair colouring kits designed specifically to hide those insidious roots until the next professional colouring .
Now I really must admit, this stage in ones “up-keep” is not something you look forward to but I recognise the time may have come for certain “investigations” shall we say? To that end I was rather excited to try Color Wow a dry brush on root touch up. Recently, I have noticed a collection of dissident “greys” congregating towards the front of my hair line. Firstly, how dare they and secondly what the cr*p is going on?! It was my understanding that prominent grey hair was not to appear until my 50th at the very earliest or until I had moved to a small and as yet undiscovered island.

Nevertheless, here we are, my “friends” and I sharing the same head. I must admit, I do quite like the packaging of Color Wow. Once the outer box has been hidden discarded, the container is sleek and reminiscent of an eye shadow compact. I must say, the concept of a brush on hair colour seemed positively ingenious yet wonderfully simple to me and yet there is something fundamentally “makeshift” about Color Wow. The powder is incredibly matte and perhaps this where things go wrong. Hair is not muted by its very structure and this lack of lustre makes for a very suspect looking patch-up. I am fairly certain that had I applied some water-proof mascara to the area the effect would have been much the same if not better. So mes amis, I have elected to return to my previous tactics when it comes the controlling “les greys” – that is to say they are removed on sight. x


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Hey Amanda, Yup it’s tricky. The quality is just not quite good enough to make the six weekly trip to the salon a thing of the past…

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