Brandt New: Part Two

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So, it’s been something like two months since I first began using a couple of items from the Dr Brandt range. I began by using the 2-step skin oxygenating & detoxifying system Detoxygen Experience twice a week. I would intersperse this treatment with the microdermabrasion treatment once a week.

I have to say, the results have been fairly minimal. I enjoyed using the Detoxygen Experience. The sensation as the oxygen filed bubbles go to work is not unlike dipping ones face into a tub of soap suds and allowing them to evaporate over a five minute period (or so I imagine). My complexion was undoubtedly brighter after use however I didn’t particularly like the 2nd stage of the process the “creme concentree” and felt it was too heavy in consistency to follow such a seemingly refreshing facial. A gel like substance would have been far better (à mon avis).

I have combination skin and found that the microdermabrasion treatment could only really be used once a week for fear of drying out or stripping my skin. Having forayed into the world of chemical based skincare I can say without a shadow of a doubt that my skin definitely functions better with natural biodynamic skincare. x

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