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Mostly Lovin’: Birkenstock x Proenza Schouler

The Gloss Leather Over Stitch

Now you know how I adore Birkenstocks and now the clever people at Proenza Schouler have collaborated with Birkenstock to create a highly covetable line available at Net-a-Porter.

This post is a hopeful nod to the future when we can all bask in the summer sun from dawn until dusk. Bisous

The Milano Two-Tone

Mostly Lovin’: Summer 2019 Wish List

Zara Boyfriend Jeans

For those days when you want to look as though don’t give a damn when you most definitely do!

I’m fixing to take a trip and this OOKONN case will do just fine.

Stella McCartney UltraBOOST X 3D Primeknit Trainers

I tend to go for the somewhat unusual in my choice of sporting footwear and these futuristic trainers from Stella McCartney are ticking all the right boxes!

Birkenstocks & Il Dolce Far Niente

Now you, know I love, a good “Birkenstock” and these beauties are so on my Summer 2019 wishlist!

This Lisa Marie Fernandez linen dress is the perfect day dress for when I want to feel like a laydeee

Veronique Branquinho & A Red too Far

Sandals Veronique Branquinho Pieds by V

I recently stumbled upon these slides by Belgium designer Veronique Branquinho for a steal on the pre-owned designer goods website Vestiaire Collective. In order to really show them off with aplomb I decided to indulge in a last minute pedicure. Unfortunately, having run out of my usual Essie favourite “Limo-Scene” I was forced to take drastic and dare I say flashy action!

As you may know, I have something of an issue with red nail polish. Generally speaking, when it comes to nail polish I tend to gravitate towards the nude opaques, clean and suitable for most occasions right?

The Norm’- Essie Polish in Urban Jungle

One of the things I find particularly troublesome about sporting red nail polish is the lingering eyes on ones hands and feet which (as a somewhat sensitive soul) I find rather challenging.

Too Rustic?

Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate there are instances when red nail polish on the toes works wonders for morale. For instance, when one is sporting the favoured Birkenstocks , red varnish can certainly lift an outfit from “couldn’t care less” to chic insouciance. What do you think? Do you lean towards a French Manicure or a bold red? Let me know your choice and why? Bisous. xx

Spring Feet

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Mostly Lovin’: I’m Birkenstock-Back Baby!

Sale Birkenstocks


As you may remember, a few months back I had to bid farewell to my beloved and dare I say decrepit Birkenstocks (may they rest). Well mes amis, I am once again the proud owner of a pair of brand spanking new “Birks”. Happy days! x

Mostly Lovin’: Sandals with Socks?

Too Sexy?

Too Sexy?

Today I want to talk about a subject which is very close to my heart. It is a subject which both divides opinion whilst eliciting great passion. It is the vexatious matter of sandals and socks, yes my friends…worn at the same time…together. We have seen a rise in the number of fashion forward individuals extolling the virtues of “Le sandal-sock” but my friends I am here to tell you this will not end well.

Consider if you will the above photo, take some time. This morning when I remembered that I had been forced to dispatch my beloved Birkenstocks with last week’s curry, owing to the fact that I had worn matching holes into the general toe area, I slipped my feet into some flip-flops (which I had refused to wear all summer long no less) that somehow seemed perfectly suited for the days activities. After catching sight of me making a break for the kitchen my house guest informed me she could no longer endure the vision of my be-sandaled sock-encased feet “shuffling from room to room like some confused Netherlandic traveller” if you please!

Let’s be clear, I love to wear my sandals with socks. It’s a no-brainer. One simply slips a sock lined foot into the nearest foot shaped cavity and off you shuffle. The only trouble is one often becomes too comfortable in this guise whilst loafing in the house. So comfortable in fact that one fails to notice when one finds oneself making a break for the shops in said footwear… Yes mes amis, it is a slippery slope, a cautionary tail. First it is the Birkenstock and then…the flip-flop. Need I say more?

2013: Change Of A Dress?


Alors mes amis, I have decided to take the laid back, low key, comfort seeking bull by the horns this year and move away from my jersey encased wardrobe staples and into the light of the thinking woman’s wardrobe…well that is the plan as of 1am on January 6th 2013. I’m not really sure when or how I found myself gravitating towards what can only be described as a “living uniform” of track pants, bobbled cardigans, socks and birkenstocks “loungewear” but it has become increasingly clear to me that this slack jawed miasma must end…and forthwith! A while back I decided that I would not fall into the trap of our mother’s – saving something new for “a special occasion” as experience has taught me this is the sartorial equivalent of putting something in a “safe place”… both you and I know it will never be seen again.

The Oh So Ugly Truth!

The Oh So Ugly Truth!

Never a Wrong Foot: Ines de la Fressange

Never a Wrong Foot: Ines de la Fressange

This year I have decided to…make an effort, any effort in fact. In translation – resisting the urge to take the path of least resistance both metaphorically speaking and in terms of waistband. I will step away from the track pants, to be replaced with a pair of well cut derrière-enhancing jeans. Gone will be the time ravaged cardigans, say hello to the silk shirt and the boucle jacket. The plan is to channel the oh so chic Ines de la Fressange. With Ms Fressange as my own personal style mascot, what could possibly go wrong…