Discovered: The Grubbag Cook book


This cook book was given to me by a dear old friend. Held together by string and tacks, The Grub bag by Ita Jones is a political, feminist manifesto all wrapped up in the guise of an “underground cookbook”. Developed from its original incarnation as a column in the Liberation News Service, Jones interweaves practical tips intermixed with silent revolution and the desire to “break the chains that oppress”. Set aside some of the more barmy ideals i.e. “eating an apple is cannibalistic”,
There are some great timeless recipes to be found such as “Blackgap Stew” – a hearty beef, beans and pork one-pot wonder. The “winter salad” section is also a great addition to any weekly menu repertoire. One of my favourite recipes would have to be the “Javanese Omelette” a type of slow cook Spanish style omelette. I’d be interested to know of any other books by Jones. Do get in touch if you can recommend one. Happy New Year! x


Mostly Lovin’: Vintage Mulberry Pouch

Mulberry Pouch

Mulberry Pouch

Sometimes mes amis it really does pay to be thorough. The other day whilst clearing out my wardrobe I stumbled across this lttle beauty. For reasons unknown I had entirely forgotton it as it languished stuffed within a bag within a bag, (trust me, this system really does help to keep the shape of larger pieces)! Anyway, you may rest assured I will be dragging this piece out at any given opportunity. Now, where did I leave that pouch? x

Redécouvert: Thierry Lasry Opium Sunglasses

Don’t you just love it when you rediscover something old you forgot you had thereby making it all “brand new” again! I found these Thierry Lasry beauties knocking about in a retired handbag… quel résultat! x

Mark Cross “Overnight Sensation”

Mark Cross Gracie Bag

Regarde mes amis, whilst (killing time) conducting my usual thorough research I came across this truly amazing piece of cinematic memorabilia being auctioned on the Christie’s website. The actual, (as in touched by the hand of Grace Kelly!) Mark Cross “overnight bag” which featured in the 1954 movie ” Rear Window“. The bag sold for a not too shabby $5,019! As you know, I have been having something of a “Rear Window”, moment. Something to do with the long cold evenings no doubt… Having recently re-launched, the Mark Cross brand has a certain Je ne sais pas ce que. It is true to its vintage heritage whilst being instantly fresh yet classic. There is something incredibly “grown up” about these handbags, it almost makes one feel as though one were playing ‘dress up’ and in these dark days of financial austerity that can’t be a bad thing…Bisous