V Vardis Oral Care

Soft & Bright…

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Swiss oral care brand V Vardis. Their range claims not only to whiten teeth but also protects them with their patented new WX Formula. This is great news for those of us with more than a fleeting obsession with pearly whites…and we know who we are! Bisous

Le Maintenance: Spotlight Teeth White Paste


Whitening Tooth Paste

Nothing screams ageing like stained teeth so this week I have been trying out Spotlight whitening Toothpaste. I’ve heard good things about this brand so watch this space… x

Le Maintenance

http://whitewashnano.co.uk/, http://whitewashnano.co.uk/product/nano-whitening-kit/?gclid=CJCooJ_03s4CFSYz0woditkCDw


Mostly Lovin’: Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Foam


I fear I may be orally fixated. Yes, you read me correctly! I have developed something of a religious approach to teeth cleaning ever since my hygienist spooked me into developing a regime that would put the queen of toothy smiles Julie Roberts to shame. First I floss, then I brush for no less than two minutes, then I use an inter-dental brush. I then rinse with a specialist mouthwash. Finally, I use my newly discovered teeth whitening find ” Dental Cleaning & Whitening Foam” from Smile Science.
What I love about this treatment is that it is peroxide free and non-abrasive enough to be used everyday. Infused with oxygen, the foam gradually lifts stains from the surface enamel and reaches the areas in between the teeth where paste and strips would be left wanting. I’ve been using for a week now and I’m sure I see a difference. I plan to use as a means to maintain pearly-white teeth once I reach the desired level of bling! X