Mostly Lovin’: Lapima Sunglasses

The Ana in Tropical Militar

There are a couple of key items I require in order to make any summer outfit complete, these include a timeless pair of sunglasses and a slick summer hat. These innovative sunglasses from Brazilian brand Lapima are ticking all of my boxes. At once retro yet futuristic, I strongly suspect that owning one pair will simply not be sufficient! x

Images Courtesy of Lapima

Mostly Lovin’: SJP x Sunglasses Hut

“Shields” in Blue Blue

There was a time not so long ago when I firmly believed it was entirely unnecessary to own more than one pair of sunglasses. Ah, the folly of youth! I now recognise that sunnies like hats afford a certain degree of anonymity, hence the international celebrity uniform! 

I’ve long been a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker’s unassuming street style which appears to be ultimately centred around comfort.

Simple but effective!

Now SJP has collaborated with Sunglasses Hut to produce a fantastic range of timeless sunglasses or “shields” as they have been appropriately titled which will add a finishing touch of insouciance to any off-duty outfit.

SJP in her “Shields”

According to SJP, ” No matter what you wear, sunglasses will always make you look and feel better”. I couldn’t agree more! Personally, I have my eye on the “blue blue” number… Bisous

Images courtesy of Sunglasses Hut

Redécouvert: Thierry Lasry Opium Sunglasses

Don’t you just love it when you rediscover something old you forgot you had thereby making it all “brand new” again! I found these Thierry Lasry beauties knocking about in a retired handbag… quel résultat! x