Mostly Lovin’: The Late Hour

Lunya Alpaca Jumpsuit

Lunya Silk Pant Set

Lately, I have found myself increasingly drawn to ever more luxurious nightwear. Let’s be clear, I do not have the type “night-life” that would necessitate such silky offerings but put simply – I love to lounge so I decided, I may as well look good whilst doing so! With the rise of upscale sleep and loungewear brands such as Yolke and Asceno, it would seem that I am not alone in my love of luxe loungewear. There is something to be said for slipping into a well-cut brushed silk number, dabbing a little Channel No 5 behind the ear before floating away into never-land. From the comfort of my lounger, I advise you to look into it. Bisous

Lunya Alpaca Shorts Set

Sleepy Jones Marina Lamé Set…Club Anyone?

Olivia Von Halle Classic

New Year, New Sleepwear!

DKNY Shine On PJ's

DKNY Shine On PJ’s

Yes…it’s true my friends. When the burgeoning year rears it’s head I look to new sleepwear. I decided a while back to no longer take the path of least resistance when it comes to maintenance and personal style hence this latest addition to my nightwear repertoire. Classic, stylish and oh-so-warm, these “Pajamas” from DKNY are a welcome addition on cold nights of late. I used to collect vintage silk PJ’s from stores such as Flip in Covent Garden but since they departed I have found there to be a thin line between vintage and plain old worn-out. It is lovely to come across classical styles of sleepwear. I dare say my love of vintage style pyjamas is a by-product of watching one too many black and white movies but what’s a girl to do? Heureux Nouveaux Année amis . X