V Vardis Oral Care

Soft & Bright…

I’ve heard a lot of chatter about Swiss oral care brand V Vardis. Their range claims not only to whiten teeth but also protects them with their patented new WX Formula. This is great news for those of us with more than a fleeting obsession with pearly whites…and we know who we are! Bisous

Mostly Lovin’: The Estrid Razor

Image Courtesy of Estrid

I cannot remember the last time I was excited to use a razor, that is, not until the arrival of Swedish brand Estrid. Created by women for women Estrid is whittling away at the stereotypical advertising models employed by male-centric shaving brands.

With a perfect price point, impeccable customer service and an aesthetically pleasing design, the Estrid razor glides across skin like a swan upon a frozen lake!

Vegan-friendly and with ethical production at its core, Estrid, I am very happy to report you have transformed the mundane chore of shaving into an act of pampering and indulgence. Go get yours! x

Le Maintenance: Spotlight Teeth Whitening Pen


Spotlight Whitening Pen

Le Maintenance: Spotlight Teeth White Paste


Whitening Tooth Paste

Nothing screams ageing like stained teeth so this week I have been trying out Spotlight whitening Toothpaste. I’ve heard good things about this brand so watch this space… x

Le Maintenance


Winter Maintenance