White Mischief – The White Jeans Debate

You remember how I said I was not a girl to be hurried… oui, non? Well I really wasn’t kidding. I have been considering the ‘white jean’ issue for about two years now, (on and off that is, I’m not completely clinically insane!). I think I may actually be ready to invest in a pair… finalement I hear you cry! See how easy breezy Karolina Kurkova makes it look (above). “I’m just popping to the shops to get my newspaper with my super legs la la la“.

I have come to the conclusion that there is a very precise formula one must consider in order to successfully take the white jeans road. It’s all about the length (always ankle), the cut (never flared!) and finally, the oh so important accompanying shoe. We shall deal with the vexasious issue of keeping them clean another time. Of course, the white jean does have some “sloaney” connotations but I feel the right girl can overcome this.

Consider if you will the below photo of a certain Mrs Beckham (below). Much soul searching occurred before I elected to add this picture, but I feel it serves as such a stark warning as to how not to wear white jeans I finally relented.

No No et  Non!
No No et Non!

And so I leave you with the parting shot of Kate Bosworth, a woman who is getting it right so often she is now offically on my radar.


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I love the saddle bag on the second picture – I want one of them! Not sure I can pull off a white jean though.
Any top tips for a cool saddle bag for the winter?
Emma xx

Me too! I have found a fantastic vintage Coach bag on Ebay which is quite simillar and will write a post about it soon.
xx V

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