Le Weekend: Simple French Cookery by Edna Beilenson


I love a vintage cook book! I picked up this little gem in a second hand bookstore for the bargain price of £1! Written by Edna Beilenson with illustrations by Ruth McCrea it’s a great addition to any cook’s library.

First published in 1958 by Peter Pauper Press the book opens with a wonderful verse entitled “French Cookery is French Witchery” detailing how one will cast a spell upon all who dine in your company should this book employed.
My favourite recipe has to be Turtle Soup which was considered something of a delicacy but now appears to have disappeared from modern day menus…can’t think why. Grab your copy from Amazon.com and I promise you won’t be sorry. Biosus


Le Weekend

“Party On”!

What better way to spend a rainy weekend than with one’s nose in a good cook book. I loved Chef Nina Parker’s first book, “Nina St Tropez” so thought it was high time I graduated to her second offering – “Nina, Capri, Recipes from Italy’s Amalfi Coast”.

I am very loosely really considering undertaking a 500 calorie fast two days a week, madness I know but I have heard great things about the 5:2 Diet but before I commit it would be foolish not to undertake all necessary research don’t you think?

Mostly Lovin’: A Slow Sunday

At last...a Day Off!

At last…a Day Off!

Le Weekend


Bon week-end à tous!

This weekend I will mostly be devouring these cook books I picked up in my local Cancer Research shop. Cooking at my leisure is quite simply one of my favourite ways to unwind. Of course, the resulting foodie treats are a bonus! Kisses.

Weekend Reading: Eat, Nourish, Glow by Amelia Freer

Eat, Nourish, Glow, Sam Smith diet

Eat, Nourish, Eat?

This weekend I will be devouring Amelia Freer‘s best seller “Eat, Nourish, Glow”. Apparently, this is the diet plan used by singer Sam Smith. I really love the simplicity of Freer’s approach “No matter much money you spend on expensive creams, you can’t undo the cellular damage that sugar causes”. Basically, if you want “the glow” something has to give. Changes must be made and not for a week or a month but indefinitely. This book offers us mere mortals a chance to side-step the waiting list for a consultation with Freer and in doing so make the changes that will get us looking good and feeling great!

Discovered: The Grubbag Cook book


This cook book was given to me by a dear old friend. Held together by string and tacks, The Grub bag by Ita Jones is a political, feminist manifesto all wrapped up in the guise of an “underground cookbook”. Developed from its original incarnation as a column in the Liberation News Service, Jones interweaves practical tips intermixed with silent revolution and the desire to “break the chains that oppress”. Set aside some of the more barmy ideals i.e. “eating an apple is cannibalistic”,
There are some great timeless recipes to be found such as “Blackgap Stew” – a hearty beef, beans and pork one-pot wonder. The “winter salad” section is also a great addition to any weekly menu repertoire. One of my favourite recipes would have to be the “Javanese Omelette” a type of slow cook Spanish style omelette. I’d be interested to know of any other books by Jones. Do get in touch if you can recommend one. Happy New Year! x


Mostly Lovin’: The Thug Kitchen Cookbook

"Totally F**king Brilliant!"

“Totally F**king Brilliant!”

In my present frame of mind this cookbook is right up my avenue so to speak. I know I should eat well but sometimes, just sometimes I really don’t want to start chopping vegetables and ar*ing around with sweet potatoes after a hard days musings… Try to imagine if you will a very angry gentlemen from lets say New Jersey attempting to tell you how to serve grilled eggplant (OK aubergine) with Soba noodles after you’ve just trashed his football team and informed him that his mother resembles a swamp-donkey. Still confused, OK the opening blurb reads, “We are here to inspire mother-f****rs to eat some God-damn vegetables… Capisce?! x

Image courtesy Thug Kitchen.com