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Mostly Lovin’: Nuxe Prodigieuse Set

Nuxe Perfume, The Nuxe Prodigieuse set

The Nuxe Prodigieuse set

I have to tell you, as much as I love trying out new products I just keep coming back to Nuxe’s body oil. With 97% natural precious plant oils and rich in vitamin E, this range is simply wonderful. The aroma is so lovely that after many a-compliment, Nuxe has finally brought out an accompanying fragrance with the same summery iconic aroma of the body oil. With the same base notes present in the skincare range of Vanilla and Coconut Milk you will be transported to balmy evenings in the Méditerranée. The set also contains a Prodigieuse scented candle just in case you are still left wanting after dousing your self in the body / shimmer oil. Délicieux!

Mostly Lovin’: Low Maintenance


So a couple of products I really love for their hard working yet low maintenance properties. Diptyque’s “Lait Frais” or fresh body lotion has the most sublime, long lasting aroma and really does make one feel as fresh as a daisy. It’s great for those who may not not like to wear perfume.

Decleor’s Hydra Floral Masque doubles up as a great over-night hand treatment whilst Korres Wild Rose lip balm imparts wonderful softness and a long lasting pigmentation. See…low maintenance…maintenance! x

Going The Distance: Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant

So, I recently overheard someone in a rather balmy setting extolling the merits of Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist Deodorant. Now this came as something of a surprise to me as I have owned this scent for some time but had tired of it. In a fit of resourcefulness I have begun using it as room freshener don’t you know.  Apparently, the deodorant provides super staying power yet is extremely gentle on newly shaved or waxed under arms. The perfume lasts all day, every now and then providing a subtle musky burst. Temps de passer à ce parfum peut-être? x

Vintage Scent: Ysatis by Givenchy

Whilst rummaging at the bottom of my wardrobe this morning I stumbled across some familiar packaging. When Ysatis by Givenchy’s Dominique Ropion launched in 1984 it was a seductive scent worn by career women all over the globe.  An oriental floral bouquet combining mandarin against musky base notes, Ysatis has aged well and continues to draw compliments when worn.

That’s the strange thing about popular fragrances from the 80’s…they generally have not aged well. Think Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door; a must have fragrance in it’s day, it now brings to mind ladies in power suits and sneakers pounding the New York streets which was never a good look.

Acqua Di Parma: Colonia

So I am back in love with the ever timeless Cologne, the original eau de cologne from the world renowned Italian perfume house of Acqua di Parma. This fragrance never ages.  A unisex scent, Colonia brings to mind balmy summer nights in the South of France.  Before bed, I would spritz myself with this after a cold shower in a bid to keep cool. It seemed to do the trick! x

Floret by Antonia’s Flowers

This is something of a grown up kind of scent. The aroma is pure luxury and to be quite frank (et éventuellement un peu grossière) it evokes images of the well healed, well coiffed, manicured ladies. In short, it is pure Park Avenue. Inspired by her grandmother’s garden which was full of rambling sweet peas, Long Island florist Antonia Bellanca concocted this dreamy bouquet with floral themes to recapture the fleeting aromas of childhood. Rather surprisingly for an eau de toilette, the aroma lasts all day. I was quite happy to awaken to my own loveliness! I have to admit, I was un peu nerveux to wear this perfume due to it’s lady like qualities. That is not to say that I am not the consummate lady, (mais bien sûr je suis!) This is the scent of a woman not a girl, and in my experience if one does not step up to such a perfume, the perfume ends up wearing you which is never a good look. x

Signature Scent V’s Tarte aux Parfums

I have always liked the idea of having a signature scent but somehow I could never commit. A delicate bloom that lingers in a room long after I have left. A gentle reminder that I was once here or there…
I have spent a long time enraptured with perfume and the very subjective tales it can conjure it one’s mind. I guess I am not alone in this revere as the marketing of perfume and the creation of a desirable alter-life seems limitless. When I was in the fourth grade I remember swapping my favourite strawberry scented eraser for a tube of solid Honeysuckle perfume… I was hooked.
In the nineties I fell for Thiery Mugler’s Angel, I cherished the fact that it was only stocked in Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Traveling home with my delicately wrapped package, I felt as though I had secured an incredibly rare prize. Sadly, this was not to last as Angel was then stocked in high streets up and down the country. It has become ubiquitous, the very rare chocolate base notes which made it so sublimely different is now the very reason you can clock it on the supermarket cashier from twenty paces! So, Alas Angel and I have parted ways, except for the odd quick spritz before bed, (what can I say, I adore that scent!).

In more recent years my loves have included, First by Van Cleef, Dune by Dior, (now more common than Ugg boots!!), Ralph Lauren Safari, CKOne and many, many more.
Guerlain’s Mitsouko has remained a firm friend throughout the years, a subtle powdery musk. In more recent years I have opted for niche scents. Niche is generally another term for foolishly expensive thus worn by very few… For example, Sisley’s Eau de Soir £72 for 30 ml, however, a beautiful and enduring fragrance. Antonia’s Flowers Tiempe Passate is possibly my favourite scent of all time but at £128 for 50 ml it sure isn’t cheap! Potential suitors take note…

Perhaps one day upon reaching a certain level in my ‘career’ I will opt for a bespoke perfume at Floris London or Jo Malone, but until such time I am quite happy to mix and match to create le parfum parfait de V!

Stock (holm) Up…

I am currently obsessed with all things Scandinavian. Seriously, look into it. There is something fantastically refreshing about the Scandinavian approach in terms of architecture, film, fashion design and the creative process in general. To understand what I mean consider the designs of Acne Studios, Whyred, House of Dagmar. Their pieces are always practical and wonderfully comfortable yet you will always find that little twist that lets you know you have departed from the mainstream.
My latest infatuation comes from Swedish company Byredo.  The Stockholm based fragrance  house produces modern day classics such as Pulp, Rose Noir and Gypsy Water. These fragrances are simply beautiful aromas whether worn on the wrist, a scarf (yes I do that) or decolletage. I personally fell in love with Palermo. I have to confess, I bought this perfume before I had actually smelt it partly because I simply love the word/name Palermo (seriously, say it out load), and partly after reading the perfume notes; Rose Absolute, Skin Musks, Sicilian Bergamot. It is wonderfully fresh on the skin, but wears away to leave a summery trail of the elusive skin musks…