Mostly Lovin’: A Slow Sunday,

Spring 2019 Issue

Mostly Lovin’: Alighieri Jewellery

Odyssey Necklace

Alighieri is a collection of jewellery borne of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”. Each magical piece relates to one of the poet’s 100 poems. Designed by London-based Rosh Mahtani, each piece is cast in 24ct gold-plated bronze. One can imagine unearthing each gem on the shores of some distant ancient land, lending to the illusion of found treasures.

The collection is the type of jewellery one simply has to touch, and I for one would like to get my hands on each and every enchanting piece!

II Leone Rings

The Bea Necklace

Images courtesy of Alighieri

RIP: Karl Otto Lagerfeld 1933 – 2019

The “Kaiser”

Mostly Tryin’: The Keto Diet

Keto Basics

I’m not entirely sure how it happened but somehow I seem to have…gained a hell of a lot of some weight. There is a general softening of angles and where once there were sharp lines now sits the vague memory of a proud jawline. Of course, it is entirely possible that my seasonal hibernation may finally have caught up with me so it is time to take some definitive albeit lumbering action.

On the subject of action, has anyone noticed just how truly awesome Halle Berry is looking these days? With the help of Personal Trainer (and altogether delicious action man) Peter Lee Thomas, Berry has completely overhauled her fitness levels and in the process inspired women a fraction of her years.
Spurred on by Berry’s athletic form I decided to look into her diet secrets but as it turns out it’s really not that secret after all. As a type 1 diabetic, Berry has practised a Ketogenic diet for many years. The keto diet is a very low-carb high fat regime which has been proven to help burn the bodies fat stores more effectively and may also slow the ageing process! Essentially, 75 percent of calories should come from healthy fats. The real trick is to eat the right fats in the correct amounts.

Fifty-f**king what you say?!

I must admit, the idea of tucking into a bun-less burger whilst my body gets to work on yesterday’s transgressions has a definite appeal so I elected to read up on the diet purchasing “The Complete Guide to Success on the Ketogenic Diet” written by Keto Nutritionist Maria Emmerich. The book is extremely comprehensive as Emmerich seeks to dispel many Keto myths. The no-cook meal plan is also a bonus. Halfway through the book I have to admit there may well be something to this diet but the real test will be putting it into practice day in day out… As with so many restrictive diets, the key to success is in the planning (or so I’m told). Emmerich recommends cutting out diary and nuts in the first month to maximise weight loss but frankly a month without cheese seems a step too far. Rather, I am slowly cutting out various carbs each week to avoid the dreaded keto-flu substituting with low carb alternatives such a pork rinds instead of crisps, baked Parmesan chips instead of nachos.
The strangest aspect of this diet is suddenly being free to purchase full fat foods. Goodbye low calorie salad dressing, hello full fat mayonnaise, sayonara lean mince beef, bonjour bacon. Let’s be clear, I do not believe in restricting ones diet on a permanent basis but I am willing to give this regime a go, I mean, any diet that champions bacon and eggs can’t be bad in my book! Watch this space… x

Mostly Lovin’: Rodin by Recine Olio Lusso Luxury Hair Oil,

RODIN by RECINE Luxury Hair Oil

My hair is in distress. Parched, over-processed, fried distress. I have tried to ignore this vexatious fact but when your hair begins to mimic the texture of toasted straw it is time to take action. Enter Olio Lusso Luxury Hair Oil.

Having used the oil for just over a week, I have noticed a marked improvement both to hair and scalp. A “perfect blend of eight powerhouse oils, including sweet almond, jojoba, and sunflower oils”, this hard working oil can be used both to style, condition and tame unruly hair. My only complaint is the somewhat medicinal scent but can’t have it all I guess…


Le Maintenance: Spotlight Teeth Whitening Pen,

Spotlight Whitening Pen

Mostly Lovin’: Agua de Colonia by Alvarez Gómez,

Agua de Colonia

I have long been a fan of eau de cologne. When I was a mere babe in arms, my mother would dab a hint of eau de cologne on me after a bath. It was a ritual I both loved and looked forward to.
Perhaps this is where my love of unisex scents originates from? Who can say? The older more mature I get, the more I tend to look towards the less overtly gender defined scents. For the last couple of years I have been wearing Acqua-di-Parma Colonia which is a warm and spicy multi-faceted scent.

Recently, I stumbled upon an everyday alternative to suit all budgets, Agua de Colonia Concentrada by Spanish company Alvarez Gómez is a subtle mix of Mediterranean flowers and plants such as Spanish lemon and Geranium , Eucalyptus and lavender and with a price tag of just fifteen euros it’s a steal. Go get yours! x

RIP: Aretha Franklin 1942-2018

Heaven now has one heck of a choir!

New in: Yolke Silk Slippers

Silk Cocoons

Have I ever told you about my long running love affair with Silk fabric? I simply love the transformative nature of this mysterious material. Slip on a soft brushed-silk camisole and a pair of jeans become somehow elevated. Speaking of elevation, were I able to, I would purchase the entire collection from silk couturiers Yolke and spend my days slip-sliding about town. Alas, I shall have to make do with these delicate silk slippers… x