Mostly Missing: Minerve


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Minerve perched high above the Rivers La Cesse and Le Briant is a gem of the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. With few vehicles and pedestrian streets it is a place I could happily return to year after year.



A lazy lunch at the spectacular Relais Chantovent is a must. Being in receipt of the new L’assiette du Michelin or Michelin Plate – a smaller accolade than the notorious Michelin Star but no less respected, the food is simply real french cuisine at its best.

The Relais Chantovent



  1. BETTY AUTIER says:

    SI BEAU! Ceci est un de mes endroits FAVORIS POUR ALLER A REPOS ET RELAX

  2. Emma Foster says:

    A beautiful place and a restaurant we will visit soon seeing those photos of the food!!!

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