Mostly Lovin’: The Simple Things

I have started to I keep a rose by my bed in a bid to remind myself to be grateful for life’s simple little pleasures… x

Le Weekend: Slimi Magazine Black Issue

Edward Enninful for British Vogue

Image Courtesy W Magazine

As you may know British Vogue has announced its first male editor-in-chief as Edward Enninful. I for one am incredibly proud and excited to see just where this visionary takes the magazine.
As we tip our hats and bid a fond farewell to Alexandra Shulman I would like to say well done British Vogue for innovating beyond the page.

Mostly Lovin’: Solonge Knowles

Image Interview Magazine

In case you hadn’t noticed, Solonge Knowles is having something of a “moment“. I have long admired Knowles style. From the Sonia Rykiel inspired tresses to her avant-garde panache, Solonge walks to the beat of her own eclectic drum kit, and now with a critically acclaimed album “A Seat at The Table” you can sample those beats. To my mind, this woman is a true innovator and I for one am loving her renaissance!

RIP: Prince Rogers Nelson – 1958 – 2016


RIP: Our David Bowie


Today I awoke to some truly devastating news. Our childhood hero, hell my hero David Bowie has passed away. When I was a very small child in the 70’s I thought that just like Jesus and Mary, everybody had heard about Mr Bowie. He was simply everywhere. My father had his records which is quite a feat to pluck a cord with a strapping black man from South-America. As a young adult he simply fascinated me. How could one person hold so much creativity and innovation? I loved that in his later life he married the lovely Iman, (there was hope for me should things go South).

He was a local boy you know, I would pass his school on my way to college each week and I loved that fact. Each time I passed by the depressing facade it reminded me that anything is possible. My childhood friend and I would often pass the time in art class by singing a duet of Space Oddity, much to the bemusement of our fellow classmates. Like Michael Jackson, Abba, David Bowie was a part of my family history his songs interwoven into the threads of our years together. Isn’t it just like our Bowie to take on another incarnation just when we have gotten used to having him around! RIP our darling Starman. xx

Love, Style & Life with Garance Dore


So after almost two months of waiting I finally received my copy of Garance Dore’s first book “Love, Style & Life” and I couldn’t be more pleased!
Immensely personable and refreshingly real, Dore certainly puts the style into “lifestyle” and allows us mere mortals to chart her assent from zero to fashion hero. This book is a must for anyone looking to find their “fashion feet” as a blogger, illustrator or photographer. Congratulations Garance, from one blogger to another! Bisous.


“The Last Smoke” by Garance DorĂ©

"The Last Smoke"

“The Last Smoke”

I am so in love with my new print by illustrator and fellow blogger extrodinare Garance DorĂ©. I ordered this print from the studio in New York last year but it has taken until now to actually unwrap it. We still have a multitude of renovations to complete before I can display the piece properly but it doesn’t hurt dream in the meantime… x

Discovered: The Grubbag Cook book


This cook book was given to me by a dear old friend. Held together by string and tacks, The Grub bag by Ita Jones is a political, feminist manifesto all wrapped up in the guise of an “underground cookbook”. Developed from its original incarnation as a column in the Liberation News Service, Jones interweaves practical tips intermixed with silent revolution and the desire to “break the chains that oppress”. Set aside some of the more barmy ideals i.e. “eating an apple is cannibalistic”,
There are some great timeless recipes to be found such as “Blackgap Stew” – a hearty beef, beans and pork one-pot wonder. The “winter salad” section is also a great addition to any weekly menu repertoire. One of my favourite recipes would have to be the “Javanese Omelette” a type of slow cook Spanish style omelette. I’d be interested to know of any other books by Jones. Do get in touch if you can recommend one. Happy New Year! x


Rest In Peace: Oscar De La Renta

The Inimitable Monsieur  De La Renta

The Inimitable Monsieur De La Renta – Image Courtesy